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Patch Notes 1.93

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  • Re-added Bound Item remover.
    • You can find him in Adventurer's Inn to remove unnecessary items that you cannot sell to NPC.
  • Added checking to Poring Village Stone Synthesis
    • If you selected normal (1 day) synthesis on stone A, you are only allowed to instant synthesis on stone A
  • Adjusted crafting requirements of Helm of Khalitzburg to only require:
  • Kafra warp services Zeny cost reduced to match zero behaviour.


  • Fixed Alchemist & Bard/Dancer Essence II Lv2 refine bonus to be every 2 refines instead of every refine.
  • Fixed Hunter Essence II Lv2 to give Double Strafe bonus properly when using detect.
  • White Potion (100) Box adjusted to White Potion (20) Box
    • Updated item description to match effect
  • Fixed Thick Battle Manual effect to be +150% Exp.
  • Fixed combo bonus of Lava Leather equipment
  • Fixed staff of Blue Flame to be Lv4 Weapon.


  • Glastheim Raydric mobs no longer use defender.

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