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Implement @battlestats

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Here on Ragna0 players can choose between several gears with many options for their builds. The hard part is to summarize all this information to check if your build needs adjustment or new gear.

@battlestats is a custom command where players can check the sum of their options on gears. Many servers implement it, showing on chat several information that are not shown on ALT+A like:

- Total ATK Power (Based on Atk Formula)
- Total MATK Power (Based on  Matk Formula)
- Total Defense % (Based on hard DEF Formula)
- Total % delay after attack reduction
- Total +% damage on X Race 
- Total +% damage on X Element
- Total +% damage on X Size
- Total % Reduction on X Race
- Total % Reduction on X Element
- Total % Reduction on X Size

This can be helpfull to bugfix gear combo sets or hidden properties 

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