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Charity #2

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Hi, 0nians.

Our little destiny to save the world continues, and this time we arrived in Brazil!

It wasn't hard for me to find a good charity to help, because google exists 😄

The amount of donation isn't that great, well mostly because, our budget is not super high right now and we still plan to host our server AT LEAST 10 + years.

Thanks to all donors to the server.

The past months, we have received many donations and plus minus income outcome, we are a bit behind in the total vault.

Worry not, I decided to spend a bit of my own pocket to make sure our path of well being for the world continues!!!! 

I have selected a little help for needed children by GlobalGiving, let's hope this project will kick off soon and the help is delivered!

Let's hope that in future, Ragna0 becomes a well known and well loved server by many more! Then we will be able to help even more! 😄




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