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Patch Notes 1.92

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Item Updates

  • Improved Zelstar drop rates by ~ 2x the previous.
    • Bag of Zelstar drops 3~5 zelstars.
    • Added Zelstar to buying store list.
  • Updated Angelic Egg Scroll content

Pet Updates

  • High Orc evolution needed Orc General Token reduced from 50 to 5. 

Battleground Updates

  • Added BG start / end announcements.

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Combo Finish + Asura Strike can be activated even with 1+ spirit sphere.
  • Disabled all unreleased Cards and corrected small minor issue with OCA.
  • Corrected Def+15 enchant for not giving DEF.
  • Corrected minor issue with Rogue's Essence II lv1
  • Corrected minor issue with Crusader's Essence II lv2
  • Removed 7 day death penalty protection item.
  • Restored Union Buff Icons.
  • Corrected Devotion + reflection issue.
  • Corrected issue with Two Hand Quicken, Spear Quicken and Adrenaline Rush, was not giving full aspd bonus.

Patch Files

  • Item description update
  • other lua files.
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