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Patch Notes 1.91

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  • Improved Refine Tables
    • Added safe refine for weapon/armor to at least +4
    • See wiki Refinement for more info.
    • Thanks for all feedback by 0nians.
  • 27087.pngZelstar has arrived!
    • We discovered that Champion monsters carries precious gem named Zelstar.
    • There are NPC in Adventurer's Inn interested in these gems.

NPC Updates

  • Jello Synthesis now offers an instant stone crafting for 250k Zeny.
  • Gym Pass NPC has arrived to Payon.

Bug Corrections

  • Chain combo with strange delay is corrected.
  • Blitz's Beat minor formula issue is corrected.
  • Assassin Cross Sunset minor issue is corrected.
  • Backstab increase accuracy based on level is added.
  • Impositio Manus matk is now displaying in status window.
  • Multiple hit on plant monster issue is corrected.
  • Corrected Expedition zeny drain issue.

Cash Shop Updates

  • Added 3 Cash Exclusive Costume hat.
  • Removed Gelstar from Cash Shop.

Instance Updates

  • Increased Jello Fragment Boxes to Sunken Ship instance.

Client File Patch

  • Added updated item description and other lua files.
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