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Hunter starting guide

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Hello fellow adventurer. This guide is focused on giving you an idea of what can be done with your Hunter...

Before we begin down that road, i'm still in the process of learning RO:Z, so if by any chance i made an error feel free to point it out and i'll gladly correct the guide and add you to the credits


So, with no further ado, lets begin.

Hunters are one of the classes able to use bows, and since you can change the element of your attacks with different arrows, it's a pretty solid choice for a first character...

First of all, there are a couple of different builds available to Hunters, Double Strafer, Falconer and Trapper and deciding what you want from the start is fundamental.



Double Strafer

Plain and simple, this build focuses on abusing of the Double Strafing skill, the skill is spammable and its delay depends on your attack speed, so you just need to have your dex and agi high, a litle bit of int is desirable if you don't want to spend so much on sp restoring items such as syrups...


Sample Build with no equips(we'll get into that later)




Falconers are the oposite of a Strafer, they will look for the highest atk speed, and use the Blitz Beat as its main damage source, since its damage scales with AGI and DEX now it became easier to make a Falconer, the falcon chance is based off of luk, this is a pretty good choice for running instances and group content, but you will need equipments to really see it "shine".


Sample Build with no equips(we'll get into that later)




This is probably the most fun and rewarding build and my recomendation for solo MVP as a hunter, but requires some knowledge to master it and can be a bit tricky to play if you're not used to RO, traps damage aren't affected by %dmg cards, so it's cheaper to build than any other weapon/classs, trappers can also wear a knife+shield to help on survivability depending on what you're doing, traps damage scales off of DEX and INT, so your goal is to bump those stats as high as you can.


Sample Build with no equips(we'll get into that later)


Note: you can dump that 36 STR to VIT, if you want more survavability, the STR helps you carry more traps and consumables, but that depends on your playstyle...



Since Zero made adition of random drops, i'm not entirely confortable with this section yet, since i'm also learning the nuances of Zero, but i will try my best to give pointers on what to look for and will be expanding this guide as i re-learn myself about the game.

Bows: you should look for bows with the "Delay after atk" option, this will be a very good boost to your atk speed, and is the "main option" you should look out when looking for a bow, anything else should be considered as a bonus, as long as it has a good delay after atk option the other options can be anything that helps you hunt what you want.


Thank you for taking the time for reading the guide!

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