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Ragna0 Partnership

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Hi 0nian, our server needs your support!

Especially if you are a Youtuber, Twitch streamer or other media influencer who plays on Ragna0 and is willing to help the server by spreading our existence to the world!

Occasional Content Creators

  • For 0nians having smaller channels with irregular uploads, we are offering:
    • Max 50 Cash points for each minute of quality video, up to 500 cash points aka 10 minutes. 
    • Each video should at least be 3 minutes long.
    • Reward is capped at 2000 Cash points per month.
  • After uploading a original video, please post it under this page with following details:
    • Character Name:
    • YouTube Link:
    • Video embed Link:
  • Once our staff review deems it to qualify, rewards will be delivered to you!

Larger Deals

  • Provided you meet any of the following criteria, we are willing to discuss monetary sponsorship up to 1000 USD as compensation:
    • Have a channel with over 10.000+ Subscribers on YouTube
    • A twitch affiliates or partnership
  • If you are a new channel reaching this level, we will offer the same deal.
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Autoblitz hunter farming with gear and stats (no special consumables aside from awakes)

Character Name: Robin Hood

Youtube link: 


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