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Opening Buffét

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Hi ya'all!

Welcome to Ragna0.

The awaited launch (lunch) will be served on 1st August, and everyone is welcome to join.
It's a historical Ragnarok moment, as we will be the first English server with Zero Mechanism.

What is Zero?

  • It's not pre-renewal, it's not renewal, it's not classic.
  • It's a brand new concept build upon a fresh new experience of Ragnarok itself.
  • With a lot of unique features, it's unique skill re-balances and new content.

All out Buffét

This is a rewarding event, a special thank to all who are joining us early.
A good early start is essential for most online games, and we are much alike the same.

I do encourage everyone to not stress gaming and always put gaming on a lower priority compared to other duties in real life, also a friendly reminder, this Buffét is only free for players with a nice appetizer (friendly and friendly).


  • +30% EXP Rate (including MvP EXP).
  • +10% Drop Rate (excluding Cards).



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