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Staff Recruitment!

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Good Day r0nians!

The end of the decade comes close, we'd want to start the next decade right!

As the subject title says, we'll be recruiting more support members for our staff.


We'd be needing 5 more support members [CM] that would have a GM character and limited support commands in game.



Have been playing for 1-2 months already and knows the core mechanics of Zero itself and the current happenings with our server

Good English is a must, and knowing another language other than English would be a plus! (indonesian/russian/portuguese/tagalog/spanish/deutsch)

Has a lot of knowledge with RO itself

Has a lot of patience regarding inquiries

Positive towards issues and a good listener

Availability on discord/in game for 3-4 hours a day/in game is a plus!

(May be expanded depending on need in the future)

If you think you can help our server and be one of the staff, leave your IGN, name on discord and your timezone below and wait for my message on discord itself for a quick chat interview.

For compensation, cash points would be given for your services.


cc: @Hades

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Think it's been a month i've been playing, anyways, Aurica is my IGN, Holly#9246 discord tag, GMT - 3 is the timezone...

I have a few years of RO experience, always hated some aspects of renewal and what they did to RO, zero to me is like a "redemption" of sorts and literally brought the game back to life for me, i can be activelurking on discord during most of my work hours and be active in game for a couple hours depending on how much traffic i get coming back from work, anyways that should be all for starters...

Oh right, i speak portuguese and english fluently, a tiny bit of spanish and in the proccess of learning japanese



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Hello r0nians !!  Hi Minato, I'm over 10 years old with ragnarok, I've played a lot of servers, but I've never been on a team, I'm available for 5-6 hours a day, working at home and, as you said a second job with what  I love to do it would be wonderful.
 I've been inside the server for over 2 months, I'm enjoying it and I'm already strong
 I am fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish beginner but without difficulty ..
 Sao Paulo (BRT)
 Discord: marcosoctavio # 9939

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Hello, been here since the launch. Never become a staff of ro, but i am interested on helping the community. So far I have been trying to help people by answering question in-game or helping new people on partying. I am not really an expert in ragnarok on general, but I am willing to learn and contribute to the server in a manner that I can help. I speak English and Indonesian. GMT+7. 

IGN: Tobias. Discord: Andrew17#1506

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Good Morning

I havnt even made a character yet but played for years and played RO:Zero

Here is my contribution... Assassin is spelled wrong on the website.. it had a c instead of the correct spelling :) 

This error is located underneath "Feature" on the main site where all the characters are .

timezone is UTC-7, I got English and German, Learning French with kiddos

IG: FluffyKnight Discord:Wavehand#0739


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Recruitment will be running for a month, when it's the last week, that's when I'll be messaging potential interviewees. Thanks!

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