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Lunch is ready!

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Hi girls and lads.

After the past couple of months of Open Beta... I think the server is ready for it's public release.

During the beta, we encountered multiple issues and bugs, we discussed on a lot of major topics in regards of how our server will become and most important was when the lunch (launch) will be addressed...

Thank you to everyone who participated, if you haven't joined our Beta event here on forums, you still have the chance to do so!

Ummm... the first date that we set was 16th July, which we didn't fulfill, apologies for that. It felt not ready, we didn't have much time to correct several issues and the public relationship works were done poorly.

Few days later, aka today, we are confident enough to say that Ragna0 will be public on 1st August 2019. 


PS. It's a Thursday.... don't ask me why.



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