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Patch Notes 1.7

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  • Amatsu full released.
    • Exclusive quests.
    • Exclusive instance.
    • Exclusive dailies.
    • Unique headgear quests.
    • More details on wiki page.
  • Added Name Change ticket to cash shop.

Event Release

Instance Updates

  • Orc Memory and Prontera Culvert Hard modes are now giving Azure Crystals instead of Crimson Magic Crystals.

Misc Bug Corrections

  • Corrected minor issue in instance saving feature.
  • Corrected a minor issue in mob crowding in Rogue quest.
  • Corrected and removed Player race in random options.
  • Minor correction in Expedition crafting, giving wrong expedition and wrong requirement.
  • Corrected high grade kingdom combo bug.
  • Fixed rabbit shirt.
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