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Patch Notes 1.62

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  • Eden Group released
    • Eden Teleport Services
    • The 22508.pngEden Group Mark can now warp you into Eden Group.
    • New Turn in Quest 
    • New Champion monster hunting daily Quests.
    • More details click Wiki page.
  • Flamering Extraction released.
    • Flamering NPC inside Adventurer's Inn can now extract minerals.
    • More details click Wiki page.
  • Channel chat colors updated.
    • Added new local global channel commands (need to join channel first.)
      • @br, @spain, @indo, @php, @fr, @de, @malay
  • Stylist Jovovich NPC can now exchange dyestuff into New Clothing Color tickets.
  • Added an instance saving check, for accidental DC from instance protection.
    • IF you DC during an instance run, you have 10 minutes to log back to remain inside the instance.

Misc Updates

  • Added a weight check for Assassin quest.
  • Increased Poring Hunting count down from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

Bug Corrections

  • Corrected a critical bug which caused server freeze occasionally for the past months.
  • Corrected a minor issue in Kingdom enchanter.
  • Corrected minor issue in Kingdom equipment combo bonus.
  • Corrected cash service expiry time being negative value.
  • Corrected minor issue in Culvert instance.

GM Updates

  • Created new GM Account for Minato, with following commands.
    • Spoiler

      where: true
      jumpto: true
      who: true
      who2: true
      who3: true
      whomap: true
      whomap2: true
      whomap3: true
      users: true
      broadcast: true
      localbroadcast: true
      hide: true
      follow: true
      speed: true
      warp: true
      recall: true
      mute: true
      cleanarea: true
      cleanmap: true
      size: [true, true]
      me: true
      marry: true
      divorce: true
      tonpc: true
      hidenpc: true
      day: true
      night: true
      skillon: true
      skilloff: true
      whodrops: true
      time: true
      jailtime: true
      hominfo: true
      homstats: true


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