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Patch Notes 1.6

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  • Paradise Introduction quest.
    • Speak to Sprakki in Criatura Academy, she'd like to introduce you to Lime.
  • Added a quick warp in Morroc town east exist (port), to Desert Hideout (moc_fild16).
  • Instance Reward feature revamped & improved!
    • Hard Modes, the More players in a party, the More rewards Each player will receive.
    • Wiki pages for each instances Updated based on the new feature.
    • (Note: Poring Village is not part of the boost, it's been boosted previously.)

New Headgear Updates

  • Reduced the requirements to craft Zero exclusive headgears.
  • Added 6 new zero Headgear quests

Monster Updates

  • Champion Monster card drop rates increased by 3 times, from 0.03% to 0.09%
  • Champion Monster has a low chance to drop 25429.pngMythril Ore
  • Reduced Contaminated Sting/Gargoyle summon from 500 to 300.
  • Reduced Awakened Ice/Flame Ghost summon from 1000 to 500.
  • Reduced other Fever Map boss spawn requirement.
  • Increased sting/gargoyle spawn amount in Glast Heim maps.
  • Improved drop rate of 23686.pngEssence of Blue Flame from Ice/Flame Ghosts to 1.2% instead of 0.03%

Bug Corrections

  • Ring of Nibelungen ATK/MATK is now percentage addition instead of flat addition
  • Auto Spell skill level is fixed instead of randomized
  • Blacksmith ranking not triggering on +10 refine
  • Cart Revolution hit rate is now 100%
  • Corrected a bug where Samurai Specter did not drop Knotted Letter.

Item Updates

  • Staff of Blue Flame enchanting / reset enchant feature.
  • CE Lottery won't give repeated CE headgears.



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