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Patch Notes 1.52

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  • Rodex mail can now be opened on every map.
  • Union names now shows above your character name.
    • unknown.png
  • Refine System
    • HD ores will now have the same success chance as Enriched ores.
    • Corrected HD ores usable on items below +7 issue.


  • Fixed First Aid Kit to be obtainable.
  • Fixed critical rate on race option proc rate
  • Corrected Enriched Oridecon +3 to +4 bonus.
  • Prison Watcher refine bonus fix.
  • Mythril drops will now have yellow pillar color.


  • Corrected Loyal Bonus
  • Cordial & lower bonus WIP

Alchemist Plants

  • Improved stats
  • Now cast their skills as per Zero official
    • Mandragora: Poison
    • Hydra: Critical Slash
    • Flora: Decrease Agi & Ground Atk
    • Parasite: Double Strafe
    • Geographer: Heal & Pierce


  • Added Royal Knight's Greatsword to Raydric drop.


  • Prontera maids are movable again and buff the players around them at low chance.
  • Fixed non-hunt objective Union quests.
  • Fixed Ygg Staff incorrect buff duration (already applied)
  • Jemery Beauty Store has arrived to Prontera
    • jeremybeautystore.png.a374888b631d6b513f98ba09274fe781.png
  • Re-connected Morroc fields with Payon/Prontera fields.


  • Fixed bug where killing Prontera Culvert Eggs would incorrecrlt reduce Ancient Gtb stats in some scenarios.
  • Ancient Gtb will spawn 5 eggs when summoned.
  • Subsequently, Ancient Gtb will spawn 1 egg with 3 HP (stackable).
  • Fixed bug where killing Orc's Memories flower's would incorrectly reduce Orc MvP stats in some scenarios.

Cash System

  • Better display of remaining time (for cash items used after patch)
  • Added Costume Lottery to Toolbox NPC (15 Gelstars)
    •  Costume List is rotated weekly
    •  Costumes are all available publicly (none unique to cash).
    •  Costumes obtained from Toolbox are not tradeable.

Misc Fixes

  • Corrected "Guild Notice" duplicate pop ups.
  • Corrected skill animation of Sonic Blow.
  • Corrected "Drum of Battlefield" ATK bonus not showing up in status window.

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