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[Event] Beta World Exploration!

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Hi all! 

As we are approaching the official launch, the GM Team has prepared a Special Event for our Beta Players** who have been actively finding bugs and testing the gameplay experience!!

This event involves taking screenshots of certain events that rewards 'Beta Points' which will be distributed after official launch. 

To participate in the event, you will need to post screenshots of your character completing the specific event or possessing the mentioned items. 
(we will check your account to determine if you indeed own the items that you claim to own in the Screenshots you post)

The following feats are rewardable with 'Beta Points'


Beta Point Rewards (after Official Launch)

  • Various Costume Hats
  • Taming Gift Set
  • Exp Manual
  • Life Insurance
  • ...and more!



Sample Post: 

Ingame Name: Arslan 

Feat#1: Reaching Base Level 67


Comment: It was quite difficult leveling but having a party made it much easier.

Feat#2: Obtaining 114 Event Coins


Comment: The events were quite interesting but I think there is room to improve... such as having more random factors?

Feat#3 Completing Ant Hell instance



Comment: It's quite challenging. Interesting creatures I'd say.

** Your character must be Lv50 or above to claim Beta Points!! 
*** Event rewards are tentative and subject to change based on GM's discretion.

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Ingame Name : Trentini

Reached level 91/50

Ingame Name : Wolfgang

Reached level 89/50

Comment I wish there would be more access to  weapons for Bard with options (Neutral element with option)
Also I wish there were lootable with 3 to 4 option whips and instrument



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IGN : Nion

Feat 1 Reaching base level 81 job level 58

Feat 2 Colecting 8 rare equipment in bag, 6 card in bag, Rare weapon which nion using to kill osiris.

Feat 3 Finding about a little buggy when i tried to screenshot and it become black and white with a blurry image so i attach another screenshot that paste to paint.

Feat 4 No need for buggy weapon with 1900% undead bonus dmg to kill this osiris





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Nick: Lancelot and Hammer Punch and Bow Mater (Main Character first account is Lancelot and main Character second account is Bow Mater)

ALL of them cleared  Poring Village, Hammer Punch cleared kill MVP = Moonlight Flower, Golden Thief Bug, Eddga, Maya, Phreeroni, Garm

Reach level 69/43 and 62/20 and 61/10 





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IGN: Zeus
Level: 99 Base/50 Job

Clear Poring Instance (Poring Village Leek as a proof)

Cards: Santa Poring, Skeleton, PoPoring, Zombie, Soldier Skeleton, Munak, Sohee, Nine Tail x2, Bongun, Geographer, High Orc, Creamy, Archer Skeleton x3

Gear: Damascus [2], Trident [2], Guitar [1], Golden Gear, Muramasa, Munak Hat, Aerial, Apple of Archer, Gas Mask



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