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Patch Notes 1.51

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Event Release

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a bug in Culvert instance.
  • Corrected Falcon Feathers job requirement.
  • Disabled Champion summon monster kill count announcement. 
  • Corrected an issue with warp to Juperos F2.
  • Corrected issue with Vesper accessories not equip-able.
  • Corrected option with fever armors giving "Weapon element" instead of "Armor element".
  • Corrected few "champion" monster kill count being 100 instead of 30.

Item Updates

Monster Updates

  • Added Solid Arclouse spawn, check Navigation for map info.
  • Added Elusive Poporing spawn.
  • Corrected Niflheim region monster IDs, with correct monster spawns/drops.
  • Adjusted the Mythril drop for MvP Dark Lord, Tao Gunka (hard) and Orc Lord (easy).


PS. We decided to postpone the Amatsu and Louyang headgear quests together with 6 other missing headgear quests. This is due to more time is needed to fully release the accurate content. 

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