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For many of you who have been waiting for more content and fixes to Ragna0, here we are... the patch 1.5 is here!!

With the release, I was thinking of a new way to compensate all the devastating experience for the past month...

Therefore, this event is tailored for all the 0nians since day 1.

Really appreciate the support!

Event Details

  • Time: Friday 13th to 27th.
  • NPC: Miss You will arrive to Izlude with the mission to deliver the following contents
  • Requirements:
    • Level 70++
    • Only for accounts created pre patch 1.5
      • Checks for PC as well! 1 PC!
    • 50x Jellopy



PS. If your account was created before Patch Note 1.5, you are qualified for this "account" part.

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