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Make CT headgear quests feasible

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  • Idea description:
    • Add the "Cute Broom", "Snowy Coral", "Orc General Token" and "Glittering Round Shell"  to the respective champion monster loot table with a 7-15% drop rate (eg. Solid High Orc dropping the token)
  • Why is it good?
    • Because the way its set currently, it requires for anyone wanting any of those hats to kill 50k Orcs, Penomenas, Bathories and Arclouzes to get the quest items, WHICH ARENT GUARANTEED ANYWAYS (90% drop). Understandable in a server with a playerbase on the thousands on average, but here, with 50 avg players, not really possible.
  • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
    • 1 (I mean we can live without those)
  • Will it affect our economy?
    • Maybe, people buying/selling the mats
  • Will it affect any of our core systems?
    • Nope
  • If we deny it, what might happen?
    • No one will ever get them
  • If we accept it, who does it benefit the most?
    • Every player
  • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
    • Sure
  • Other inputs:
    • I mean, not even the Orc Hero helm its as difficult to craft as this one, we would still need to kill an approximate of 5k of each mob (assuming a 10% drop chance from the champion mob spawning every 30 kills) not counting the hassle to get 10 mithrils

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Sounds reasonable.

But maybe not to all Champion monsters.

We will see what would be suitable.

Waiting for more inputs.

To be frank, when I first saw the requirements, I was shocked as well. 😄

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