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Patch Notes 1.5

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  • New Base EXP 90-99
    • The Base EXP table for 90-99 has been updated, we released a new table with more reasonable game experience in pair to the time vs gaining.
    • It's estimated in total 90-99 with around 450m EXP required.
  • Enriched and HD Ores.
    • The Flamering NPC inside Adventurer's Inn now offers new ores!
    • Exchange 5x Original + 500k zeny for Enriched ores.
    • Exchange 1x Enriched + 750k zeny for HD ores.
  • More Mythrils!
    • The precious stone wanted by all has more chances to be found in Midgard.
    • All MvPs and Fever Map Geffen & Sograt monsters carries these Mythrils with them.
  • Updated Random Options
    • All option types has now equal chance to be obtained.
    • Great news and lesser RNG, also very good server launch time.

NPC Updates

Item Releases

Monster Updates

  • To summon a Champion monster, it now requires 30 kills instead of previously 100. (official update)
  • Corrected following monster EXPs.
    • Glast Heim monster EXPs
    • Lunatic, Poring, Fabre, Peco Peco Egg, Condor, Drops, Picky 1 and Picky 2, Baby Desert Wolf, Scorpion, Chonchon, Willow, Snake, Spore, Wormtail, Pupa, Mandragora, Hornet, Rocker, Savage Babe, Roda Frog, Ambernite, Thief Bug, Elusive Rocker, Elusive Ambernite, Farmiliar, Tarou, Thief Bug Male, Snake Ringleader, Anolian, Cramp, Gargoyle, Arclouse, Sting, Hunter Fly, Hyegun Ringleader, Elusive Jing Guai, Elusive Mi Gao, Elusive Dancing , The Paper, Horon, Miyabi Doll Ringleader, Swift Karakasa, Swift Poison Toad, Swift Shinobi, Furious Picky, Furious Baby Desert Wolf.

Instances Updates

  • Slightly boosted party rewards for Culvert and Orc's Memory.

Bug Report Fixes

  • Corrected a minor bug in First Aid Box, which gave not all items when using a certain level boxes.

Louyang Updates




Amatsu Updates


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Awesome update!

Congratulations to all those involved.

I think there are a few items to be added to this patch note, like Frozen Rose and that helm that gives +30 ATK (i don’t remember the name). I found them on discord #devlogs.


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