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HardCore Lvling Parties


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On 9/7/2019 at 1:53 AM, Bakuranecro said:

Assa got no love in a party.

STR/AGI melee Auto Attack knights have no love in a party,
Battle priests have no love in a party
Wizards that cant control giant mobs, have no love in a party
Battle dancers that use Lady luck to improve their critical melee attacks instead of Gypsy's Kiss to improve SP of party members have no love in a party

You may say, "Oh but you are saying that they have no love because they are using the wrong build for a party leveling, that's for soloing stuff", tell you what?


Assassin is the only class that can do a LOT of damage to giant mobs while other players are luring without dragging a single one aggro for them or throwing them into other party members (things that missplaced brandish spears and storm gust do).


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