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Dark Orcs Map

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  • Idea description:
    • Migrate all the monsters from the fever field gef_fild02 (Dark Orcs Map) to gef_fild14 (not implemented in zero, the old Orc Hero Pre-renewal map, south of Britoniah)
  • Why is it good?
    • gef_fild14 is a pretty huge map, and not many trees to block the player's view unlike gef_fild02. Bigger map = more space and less monsters that are near each other. Current Orc fever field is kinda hard to maneuver in considering the high hit rate of dark orc archers, and constant high damage spear boomerangs from the dark high orcs(or dark orc warriors, or both not sure). I don't think I have seen parties hunting in gef_fild02, not really 100% certain if it's because the items dropped aren't really worth it (haven't really tried the orcish weapons, can't say if they're ok or not) or it's just much easier to level at Sograt fever field. Lessening the difficulty makes the map more attractive to level in, and so further diversifies the leveling path of the players since it's mostly Orc Dungeon/Geos before job change, Sograt Fever Field/Geographers (again) after job change, Harpies and then Amatsu/Magma.
  • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
    • 3
  • Will it affect our economy?
    • Orcish weapons prices will drop once people start going there I guess? Not really sure about their viability and if they're actually worth investing in and if any of them are actually BiS. It will also affect the economy if the Mythril drop from fever field monsters is implemented, but it would still depend on the players' willingness to visit such a map.
  • Will it affect any of our core systems?
    • Not really. (But if people think that it strays away from the goal of becoming as close to kRO:z as possible because of map use then it's something I guess)
  • If we deny it, what might happen?
    • Nothing much, most people are ignoring the map right now anyway.
  • If we accept it, who does it benefit the most?
    • People who visit the map for Orcish Weapons/Mythril(if implemented).
  • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
    • Yes
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