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Delete all expired cooldown quests on login

Should this be implemented?  

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  1. 1. Should this be implemented?

    • Yes
    • No

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  • Idea description:
    • As the title says; a lot of these add from quests, and unless you do the quest again or specifically go back to the NPC to get rid of the cooldown quest, it will stay in your quest window forever. (not quite on topic, but getting rid of leftover job change quest bits would be great too, like "travel to the archer's town" etc, since you can't delete those at all, just hide them)
  • Why is it good?
    • Less clutter, mostly.
  • How urgent is this rate 1-10:
    • 2
  • Will it affect our economy?
    • No
  • Will it affect any of our core systems?
    • No
  • If we deny it, what might happen?
    • More quest window clutter
  • If we accept it, who does it benefit the most?
    • Anyone doing quests
  • You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: 
    • Yup
  • Other inputs:
    • I like my quest window tidy :v

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