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Charity #1

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Hi, 0nians!

It's officially 1 month since we public released the game, the access to the server and the acceptance of donations to the server.

It was shocking month for us, we had a hell of a ride, up and down, left and right, but most importantly, we are moving forward.

Many of you may have been displeased by some updates, but I still urge your attention as we will release better updates more and more in the future.

Thank you all donors!

This is also a thank you letter for all the donors in the past month, very supportive and many many of them.

We have received good amount of it and there are around 300 USD left over after the costs of all expenses for the server, so I decided to give them to charity.

Well, many of you may wonder.... why? Why can't he keep it for the future, or what if server needs money in the future, or invest the money to the server etc etc... 

This is not a stunt or some show, it's a well thought idea that I had from the very beginning. 

We all live on this wonderful planet, we give and take, may as well share a little support from our server.

I did not do this on my own, this is a team effort.

The donation towards the following charities are made by Ragna0, the whole server 🙂 

This is a continuance project, and hopefully will last very long.

Thank you again, all donors, you made a little more impact to the world than you thought!


PS. I'm not a charity person... this is the first time doing it, I hope I made the right choices for this time.
If anyone has a good project or so, we could support that the next month!


Unicef USA

For the love of our children.





The UN Refugee Agency

For the sake of world peace.




Defenders of Wildlife

The impact we have made with our progress to our beloved mother earth.





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Epic initiative. You've just secured another donation from me this month atleast :) Keep up the good work with the server, you're really listening to the community and making our time here worthwhile!

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