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Today was a hectic day, most of my working hours were disturbed by few fire igniting players on our discord throwing tantrums at each other for nothing in result other than some "angry feeling".

In our Ragna0 history, this day will be marked as the first community drama and I bet we might be having more of such incidents in the future

On the bright side, I see this as a sign that everyone cares about our precious server, but are expressing their affection in the wrong way...

Few players were kicked or banned from our discord, and I apologize for that, it was really not my will, but they went too far with abusive comments, some even went as far as making racially degrading remarks.

And no, it is NOT OK to use racial slurs or insults like the N word, or similar degrading phrases for fun or as a joke! Just because you think it's a joke doesn't make the other party any less hurt by it.

From now on, I will be very very strict when it comes to manner abuse - do not hate me if you get a kick or ban from our community platforms...


a clean start!

The previous messages were there because of me being incompetent.

After many days of deliberating and discussion, also conducting a poll and observing community responses, we have decided to make a clean wipe of the server on Official Launch.

Please do not grind too hard for personal gains, instead, try to do all kinds of stuff to find 🐛 (bugs), especially with our Zero features!

That will help us with ensuring the stability of our future home.

After the wipe, the only thing you will have is your beta Character with Level 1/1, spawning on the Novice Island, everything else will be cleaned.


Beta Players Event

We will launch an Event for Beta players as our appreciation of their support.

Details will be posted before the end of the week!


Thank you very much.

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