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Personally, I think it has been a great first week! 
With everyone's help, we manged to squeeze a lot of small bugs 🐛, yum!

After the release of Beta Patch 1.1, there has been some backlashes, regarding several issues which I wish to address in this newsletter.

Regarding skills...

I disappointed many for not delivering the full fix of all skill updates, and some other stuff that wasn't corrected.... it has been a tough first week and simply time wasn't on my side. The remaining skill updates will be delivered before end of this week! Then we can sort of close this chapter, as there aren't more regarding skills.

EXCEPT if there are one or two bugs, but shouldn't be any major.

Item prices...

We made a rational decision, by making all items ingame cost only 0-10z when sold to NPC shops, due to our belief that it was based of official Zero, but right after the patch, many helped out and showed a lot of evidence that it wasn't the case.

We quickly addressed this issue, and adjusted all items to the correct value.

ETC items are sold 25% cheaper, equipments offering Random Options are sold at 10z and some other minor special cases. 

Average, the way to gain zeny is maintained for a long working economy, and a healthy market.

We have no plans to adjust any more, EVEN if the official shows the other way, we have decided that the current "item sell value pattern" that we have will be Ragna0 official.

Wiping zeny and refines!

As stated in my previous newsletter, we will be wiping zeny, refines and random options once we are ready.

This coming Wednesday, we will be ready to wipe out all zeny. After this wipe, everything you earn will be yours! We won't touch them!

This coming Wednesday, we will also be ready to clean out all refines of equipments and weapons, as we have now the official refining rates for the Refinery.



Thank you for being part of our small community, this isn't something big, but just me and @Stroheim, trying to bring RO alive again!

I know everyone is super excited and looking forwards to official launch. We promise that will be delivered, stable and smooth, before you realizes, it will be here!


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EXP Rate.

We have been observing the player feedback after our EXP table adjustment, and noticed the essential feeling of leveling was slower than our expectations.

A super slow pace is not what we want to mimic from the officials, it has to be a bit faster, to make us a unique server!

We decided to roll out our new EXP rate plan to 3x3x on Wedneday and it will be during the Beta to see the statistics and results of our community.

Ofcourse, also to see everyone's take and reactions.

If everything is smooth, we will keep it, if not, we will adjust it accordingly!


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