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Good times.

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Hi Onian,

It has been 20 days since our public release, and for being active everyday, I noticed that we have created the 0nian squad! 😮 

Oh yes! We are all thinkers, the 0nians.

Can I actually call you an 0nian?


I'm very happy, somehow, somewhat, something happened, and we have formed a little community with you and everyone in it.

It's incredible, and super exciting. We have many streamers, many collabs and many players who are so passionate about the zero project.

Mostly everyone has been positive and helping out in friendly discussions in various topics over discord and here on forums and helped sharing information, videos and links mining them data we need!

Thank you!

Many suggestions!

There're many new ideas piling up on our forums, I have to tell you that I read all of them, and many of them are in consideration or in the make already.

To some of the suggestions givers, whom have received bad feedback from me personally, or by others, please do not let yourself down or be sad, it's normal... I have many ideas myself who got turned down by Stroheim... Maybe another idea will be accepted by the community another time!

Now that we are getting larger and larger, by the passing days... it's even a tougher work for me and the help of the majority of the community to filter out on what to consider and what not.

So every suggestion will be handled with cautious and over thinked before we do something about it...which means it takes time, for one suggestion to get implemented or the other way...

In the end, thank you for sharing the good ideas.

Manner alert...

To several warned players out there who reads this...and to those who are in bad shape and wants to do something funny to our friendly community, please do not do the bad manner behaviors, it brings only bad days both for you and for my time... every manner report, I need to spend time on dealing, which I could use on something far better.

I'm very strict in regards of our community guidelines, no one is getting away.

We have full logged game activities, item picks, trades, chats, you name it...soooo let's all enjoy the cutest game ever! 😄


PS. We are a progressive server.


Ragna0 from 0nian to Hero 😄

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