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Too Stronk! Such Help!

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We are a fresh guild that is casual AF. No pressure, No Guild tax if you don't care. we are running around like Nubs McGubs. We only ask that you run around making an impact on the game to spread our influence. We want to mvp and instance and all of that jazz, but were not going to kick you if you couldn't care less. This server is way too new to be Ergonomic nazis. this isn't a stressful guild to join, and is soon to be full of characters that will only enhance the satisfaction of playing the greatest online game to have steamrolled the competition. this game might be the most private server saturated game to have ever existed, the total player population of this game once rivaled the most popular games, but could never be accurately numbered because of the split in communities. Lets return to the roots of what made this game the best, which is not being hardcore number crunching guild tyrannical entities. it was spending 8 hours making jokes in morroc without getting any experience. It was making a battle acolyte and refusing to buff people in town. It was spending 10 days collecting items for a headgear that had 0 defence and no stat buffs. I'm in, if you're in. Vashuyasha, VashuMashu, SoMoneyTooBUY, General Blue. all characters you can find for an invite. our guild emblem if a VERY tragic drawing of a forklift.

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