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  2. OK, here is a little update. I tried different tweaks on the dgvoodoo to see if i managed to improve my pin. The real solution came with a suggestion from Izaya on discord. He sent me a link to the extension ROext from ratemyserver. 1) I made a clean install; 2) I didn't even use the 4k resolution pack. 3) I copied the contents of the ROext into the R0 folder. 4) And it works like magic. It doesn't even matter if it's Direct 3D T&L Hal or the integrated card. It's really smooth (at least for me) I was very scared of lagging like hell again because my dedicated card wasn't configured, hence not being used at all. But, surprisingly it handles the game perfectly. It's running at 44-48 % on regular maps. I wonder how will it be in a more intense scenario. But that will be a whole other problem.
  3. I know it's no longer supported as stated, but if anyone managed to run it and that is still working, would be awesome to give me some insight =). If I don't use the 4k pack, it's my integrated card who runs and it's laggy lie hell. Using the 4k, is playble, but very laggy, can't imagine while doing some dungeon. I follow the steps but my setup won't just open, once I copied the "r0.exe.local" folder and rename it into "setup.exe.local". Am I doing something wrong? Is it my Nvidia (I saw you said there were incompatibilities)?
  4. Hey Vash, did you manage to set that up? I am trying here but Kinda having some trouble.
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