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  1. Mighty Staff is giving only 10 MATK instead of 100. I would rather not have to switch weapons constantly lol
  2. On top of my report I just made about ranked pots not working...... So assuming ranked pots do get the bonus... Doing the math it would take 3 potions to match one syrup Even in the best case scenario (using condensed whites which weight 5 each). You are looking at a a weight difference of 15 (condensed) vs 14 (syrup) The problem is that It takes time to farm and only % chance to craft both the white potion needed and converting it into slim. Meaning the effort/money to make 2 condensed outweighs greatly the use of syrups. Also the time thing is kinda a moot point, a single second cooldown is nothing and from what a few farmers have told me is that, even in the worst conditions, the cooldown doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the weight So basically you have a system that requires (again best case scenario) 1. A dedicated brewer alch that has the highest % rates (Quick estimate based on math but it ends up being 100% to make normal whites will something like 75~80% to craft condensed) 2. Someone to farm both the herbs and the Witch Starsand (time that could be easily spent just killing a couple harpies for white syrups instead of 3 things for Starsand) 3. The cost of potion bottle, test tube, and medicine bowl 4. The time to craft (let me tell you when crafting a shit ton of potions it takes a LONG time) All for an inefficient source of healing. The only advantage that pots have is that alchemist can throw them, and I believe the bonus of being a ranker doesn't affect the heal amount of thrown potions. Basically meaning there is absolutely no reason to craft/buy/sell/use any pots because the risk. time, and payoff are not even close to being equivalent to go to pront and buy syrups
  3. I just became ranker (Florencia rank 10) and started testing the heal amount of potions vs syrups when I noticed something strange. The following are the numbers I got. Normal White Potion: 1312 hp healed Ranked White Potion:1365 hp healed Ranked Condensed White Potion: 1572 hp healed Now pots have a 20% hp heal difference (Base heal +/- 10%) between the lowest value and the highest value. This means ALL of these numbers come from the exact same calculation and have the same heal range. Meaning there is no bonus for being ranked. Steph (ranked 2nd) helped me confirm this with the following numbers she obtained Normal White Pot: 1190 Ranked White Pot: 1396 Normal Slim White: 1292 Ranked Slim White: 1323 Again all within the 20% heal range normally present in potions. This also shows there is no bonus going on.
  4. PROFESSIONALISM Thanks for the reply, none of us was even sure anyone was still monitoring this
  5. Okay so I was originally going to make a topic talking about various problems I've seen discussed on discord, how they were handled, the cause, and possible solutions. Since this topic popped up I'm gonna save my time and instead focus on one point (unless people really want me to write a multi page paper). Professionalism GMs, HR, any other official roles in a server are and should be held to a higher standard. Topic not about r0? Sure talk normally. That doesn't mean you have license to do anything (shouldn't be making fun off people, being inappropriate, and other such PR nightmares). Your actions on the PUBLIC discord server representing YOUR ACTUAL SERVER are representative of how the server is managed and the community you are trying to foster. Topic involving: Updates, possible changes, timeline of patches/updates, known issues, etc. Should be done in an official matter, not a single person on the team should be jumping to answer anything until its official. All these topics should also be presented in a CLEAR and STABLE way so that people have ready access and understand the who/what/when/where/why of things. I suggest creating an area on the discord for official announcements, then using this area post such information in an organized post and then link it in there. DO NOT HAVE THESE DISCUSSIONS ON DISCORD. Direct people to forum topics. Official statements on how the server functions and plans for it shouldn't be haphazardly discussed in an unorganized and volatile location such as discord. People see conflicting messages from the server team? Time to turn around and leave because it leaves the impression of a disorganized and unstable server. Someone have a suggestion that doesn't work? Confer and then explain WHY, have people understand why instead of just saying no. Don't just say maybe or its possible in response to a suggested change. All suggestions should be directed to a forum post so it can be addressed in an organized fashion. Discord is not a place for professional discussion. There shouldn't be massive debates in the middle of discord, flooding it and giving bad impressions. Set up a private group and talk about it or, better yet, take it to the forums. Summary: You guys need a PR manager or something because I feel like its an every other day thing that someone has a foot in mouth moment. Find someone articulate that has the patience for professionalism and have pretty much all the announcements go through them. That way you don't have people saying conflicting information, jumping the gun, or rubbing people the wrong way and all the official information is organized, visible, and accessible.
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