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  1. I believe that you were still generous with this mathematics, only with the potions that I still have, you can see that I did something around 330-350 runs, to get the items, which gives almost 2 days of farming, not counting the time to reset the characters, of course I made zeny for refining just that way, even so , I still got lucky in refining, getting +9 in armor in the first piece. I'm not so sure that this is the retention problem, assuming everyone does, what will motivate them to keep playing? since they are stopping before they get it, after getting what has prevented them from quitting. but it’s good to start a discussion to see which paths lead us.
  2. Voltz

    Table xp

    when you start farming poring village, you will want the loss to be 100%. LUL
  3. it was actually something like 10 Frag X for 9 Frag Y. everyone's price tends to approach, without greater demand for a specific frag.
  4. Idea description Although “everyone” has the same value, the only one that really has a huge demand is Poring Jello (since everyone wants an exp +9) Basically it would be the creation of an NPC to trade Jellos, something in the ratio of 5:4 or 10:9 , exchanging one frag for another desired. Why is it good? It would increase the quantity and demand for Jellos of all kinds for trade, making it possible to market any one. Will it affect our economy? If you maintain a good ratio, I don't believe there will be changes in the price of the item.
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