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  1. I'm sorry, there's no double achievements for "50 whispers", just one, but it does not go up as I kill whispers. I've killed 70 whispers, as seen in the "6666 whispers" achievement, but only 3 in the "50 whispers" achievement. Probably some random mob I've killed 😮 I'm trying to do as many of these "kill X monsters" achievements; if I find any others I'll report too.
  2. There's two for Whisper too 🙂
  3. There's two achievement for killing sohees (screens attached). I don't know how I got the counter on the second one to 1/50. I tried killing the "champion sohee", still 1/50.
  4. Yesterday I did all the 3 quests from the Prontera Knightage, in sequence. Today, about 15 hours after I finished the last quest, I logged in to do them again, the tier 2 and 3 (6 and 12 hours cooldown, respectively) had their cooldow reset, but the tier 1 quest (with only 3 hour cooldown) is still not available 😮
  5. After 3 hours, found him inside a tree, you have to pass your mouse through every cell in the map, fun! 😄
  6. I wandered the yuno_fild01 (1st map out of Aldebaran from the top) for arround 3 hours (1 hour a day) looking for the NPC Father Julia who is supposed to be there during the second part of the 2nd Tier Prontera Knightage quest, where you have to escort an injured soldier to him, never found it though. Since Minato said the NPC spawns randomly via script, is it possible for it to have spawned in an invalid cell or not spawned at all? I was also told it changes position every day, that's why I looked for him in 3 different days, still no luck 😮
  7. Whenever an MVP card drops from an MVP Monster, it will be announced server wide: Name + Card Share with us the glory of dropping an MVP Card, and don't you worry, no one will be able to mug you on the streets of Prontera if they know you have an MvP card, chill, your card is safe 😄
  8. But as mentioned earlier, we're lazy, and I want to be able to pwn the casuals again, as fast as possible. Plus, I want to get to level 120 before the new wipe. 😄 PS:
  9. For the reductions provided by DEF and MDEF, just follow the iRO wiki. https://irowiki.org/wiki/MDEF https://irowiki.org/wiki/DEF As for the abnormal stats, I don't know for sure if MDEF still prevents it, but it sure reduces the duration of some statuses. I noticed that the duration of the "freeze status" is significantly smaller when I'm wearing my full MDEF equips (arround 80 MDEF), I mean, 1 to 2 seconds tops.
  10. Ninja is the best option, in my opinion. Fast and cheap as Mexican Spank mentioned. If you have another account with a high level priest, you can create a character and reach level 42 in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, then you can do the rest of the leveling inside the poring instance. In one day you can create an army of farmers 😄 The first couple of runs with a level 42 ninja might be a little slow (12 minutes), but when you reach level 55-60, it's a piece of cake (8-10 minutes). For the stats, I tried a couple of builds, since I made 5 ninjas to run the instance. The best one I've come up with has: 70 STR, 15 DEX, the rest goes to INT, you can reach 50+ INT at level 60. For the skils just go with the Throw Huuma, Throw Kunai, Cicada Skin and Ninja Mastery. As for the investment, just get any desert gear you want (with sp regen if possible, but not necessary), a Huuma Giant Wheel (6% drop from Tengu, easy and cheap), arround 500 Earth Kunais (no mob with earth resistances there), arround 5-10 Blue Syrups (maybe less, depending on your INT investment) and 5 White Syrups. My leveling strategy with the support priest is: Normal initial quests to get to job 10 as a novice, level 11 to 20 at Payon Cave, 21 to 30 at Orc Village and 31 to 42-50 at Orc Dungeon. Level 42 is the requirement for the first Huuma ninjas have access, the Huuma Giant Wheel. You can go to the Poring Instance at this level, but I recommend that you stay at the Orc Dungeon until level 50, so you can use the Desert Gear. Also, it is pretty easy to get to level 50 once you get a Huuma. If you mantain the Cicada Skin Shed skill up, the only way the last boss can hurt you is with a fire ball, that does almost no damage =P
  11. Thanks for the reply. Can you please tell me how do you check your cooking experience or how can I see how many points I'm losing/gaining? Thanks again!
  12. Hi, I have some questions about the Cooking System, since it is a little bit different from other servers and the Wiki doesn't get into details. 1 - Is the chance of success still heavily dependent on DEX and LUK? I tried cooking lvl.1 food with my level 98 Hunter (80+11 LUK and 50+30 DEX), and the success chance didn't change, with or without buffs (bless, gloria and atention concentrate), 56% chance with Home Cooking Kit. 2 - Cooking experience still exists? If so, how does it work? In iRO we get 20 exp from a successful dish and -10 exp from a failed dish. Since here in Ragna0 we make 5 dishes in one go, how does it work? do I get 20xp/-10xp per individual dish or per batch (of possible 5)? 3 - Last, what about the dishes that require ingredients dropped by monsters that are not yet implemented? Thanks in advance. **Update** I reseted my build, went 99 dex, 98 luk, got me some +4-6 dex equipments: Total stats with buffs: 166 dex and 139 luk, chance to cook still 56%. I know I can cook up to 5 foods with one batch of ingredients and that is awesome but, is there a way to increase my chances of success? Maybe Cooking Experience is the only way to increase success chance? Thanks again!
  13. Hello! Well, since both the ingame's description and the wiki's description of the Free Cast skill are pretty vague, I decided to ask here: Keeping this skill at low levels will reduce my attack speed or just the walking speed while casting? Thanks in advance.
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