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  1. no , the powershells things are for registry or envirment variables , arent related to the game itself (short: you can run em anywhere as long as the powershell has admin) , also dont forget to restart after entering the powershell commands as they mostly only start working after a reboot
  2. on my case its same with the 4k pack , i get better fps with plain game rather that outdated version of dgvoodoo that version(4k pack) for me only worsen my gameplay making even the character selection un-usable, try the guide and tell me how it goes also if you get any problem dont hesitate on pming me at discord NoxNoire#5160
  3. the 4k pack is the 2.54 version of dgvodoo wich is oficially supported by gepard3.0 in this case we use an tricky method to run the last version of dgvodoo(2.63 i think was it) and as an extra we chain it with dxvk wich in this case seems to improve performance a ton(first game i run with dxvk i get over 300fps)
  4. have you tried disabling the cached shaders? if not contact me on discord to track the problem when u have time NoxNoire#5160
  5. If anyone cares how much performance i get on my radeon r7 360 check this capture(btw thats a peak of fps, not stable , stable im getting like 150ish) and zero slutter
  6. as of 25/01/2020 i stop supporting this thread , the method still working for loading newer dgvodoo or any compatible dll that doesnt hack the game im stopping support bc i don`t play ro actively anymore and seems that microsoft fucked some dlls on a new update so they arent working as they did before so i cant fix it easily FAQ Q: what is dxvk A:dxvk is a translation layer from dx9,10 and dx11 to vulkan api wich is a high performance graphics engine Q:why you should use it A:more fps? less input lag? less latency(gpu based)? less slutter?... etc Q:what do i need to use it A:the first requirement is that ur graphics card support it Q:how do i can know if i got vulkan A:search online your graphics card capabilities or test with this utility : Utility DXVK Setup: pre-setup after knowing you can use vulkan you need to download the needed files DXVK (lastest tar.gz) dgVoodoo_2 (last regular usage zip) dgvoodoo2-setup extract the zip make a new folder called r0.exe.local in your game directory grab these files and paste them on the folder you just created(ignore the d3d9.dll)(also make sure you grab em off x86 folder) also copy the dgvodoo2-setup and default config DXVK-Setup extract the tar.gz(if you have issues extracting use 7zip) and grab d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll from the x32 folder and paste them on the r0.exe.local Windows Registry-Setup run this command on cmd(admin) or powershell(admin) REG add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options" /v DevOverrideEnable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 **Reboot Your PC** dgvoodoo2-config run dgVoodooCpl.exe from the r0.exe.local folder and copy the setting i have **make sure that config folder , its the game folder and not the r0.exe.local folder** after its done make a copy of the r0.exe.local folder and rename it "setup.exe.local" setup-config just need to run the setup.exe from the game itself and if you have dgvodoo on the options you are pretty much set(on the drop down menu i recommend the third option aka "insert_your_gpu_name [dgvoodoo HAL]") apply then close it known-issues gepard doesnt like the cached shaders so its better to disable them to disable cached shaders run the following command from cmd(admin) or powershell(admin) setx DXVK_STATE_CACHE 0 /M dxvk doesnt work with older versions of dgvoodoo, please use the lastest seems like dxvk doesnt work with lastest nvidia driver due to vulkan api driver incompatibilities(cant check since i dont own updated nvidia hardware) fps counter if you want to see your fps you may need to run the following command on cmd(admin) or powershell(admin) setx DXVK_HUD fps,gpuload /M
  7. Idea description: add support to dxvk by removing or tweaking the limitants of gepard3.0 of disabling dx11 dlls Why is it good? well is an actual api, i used it on official servers long time ago and didn't had any problem just more "smoothness" How urgent is this rate 1-10: 1(since is not a mandatory requierment and the game runs well but would be a nice combo with dgvodoo) Will it affect our economy? i doubt since its just an graphics wrapper that translates dx11 api calls to vulkan api calls Will it affect any of our core systems? maybe it needs some work from admins or anyone in charge to make it work with gepard3.0(currently blocked) If we deny it, what might happen? probably nothing , just wasting the maximum power your users can take out of their gpus(mostly amd and nvidia) If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? anyone that has a gpu with vulkan support You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: without a doubth Other inputs: just make sure to implement a validation of the dlls as dxvk implementation can lead to bots or hackers since the wrappers came in a d3d11.dll format, also if you are wondering if dxvk only works on linux, it doesnt it works pretty well and in some cases even better than dx11 on windows
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