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  1. As you can see in the video, the mobs are acting like they stack a certain amount per cell. That makes the monsters go around the player instead of staying in the same cell. This causes several problems for classes that have small aoe spells. You can even see in the video that they act like some form of terrain, like ice wall, because 4 zombies(agressive mob), stop atacking the monk simply because there isn't any avaliable cell for them to atack. If you search videos of mobbing in official servers, that isn't the normal behavior. mob bug.asf https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NPOdlP3wcwAhQO3-AmfKrFssHviIT6Cm And as i mentioned in the older post, the "ghost equipament" issues persists while being atacked by several monsters. In this video i show that even when i unequip my shield that reflects damage, the mobs continue do take damage like i still have the shield equiped. equipament problem.asf https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_y1yUL0aIxqlztTXrJVZJ4-1msHRFEI7 Please give some feedback.
  2. So take those from the event, and just let the visuals there? I just want the visuals 😄
  3. why is it character based :(? Also it's been 2 days and i can't redo it.( Stroheim said that it's going to have a change soon 🙂 ) I think that making it character based only hurts new players, who most of the time only have one or two character to kill monsters. If you let the quest be repeatable we will proprably do on our strongest character and... Is that bad? I mean, is bad to use the character you invested time, and that you want, to kill things? I think that the best part of this new event is be able to do it with friends, also it's nice tha it doesn't have any competition for a mob that spawns every 2 hours, perhaps reinforce that. And as Luihen said i see the effort, the costumes are nice and we are just here giving some ideias to perhaps improve the event, to make it viable and fun. I also think that perhaps a good ideia would be to use the summoning npc that you made to summon some kind of monsters like a custom mvp, like the "ex girlfriend of romeo", or romeos ex love intereste Rosaline ( Imagine it using something like gypsy wink of charm haha) or something like bad things to a relationship, like jealousy. Or even the antagonists of the history, the Capulet and Montague family which was against their love) which drops something like : more hearts, or something like a custom too, it would be fun to do it with friends aswell and might not be so difficult to program. It would be even better if it was a instance, but that would be too much work for you guys. That's why the ideia of summoning a different monsters sounds like a fun challange to do with a party. Thx for listening to us 🙂
  4. The itens are really nice, but the way to get hearts is really bad. I just did the quest and got 8 hearts. Let's say that i got 10. This is a Daily quest, which means that if i want to buy the 500 hearts item, i have to farm this for 50 DIFFERENT DAYS, unless this quest is staying forever, it's gonna be impossible to get the 500 hearts item. Also why the hearts are untradable? Let people farm to have something to spend zenny, like the xmas event. Please increase a lot the amount of hearts given by the quest daily, or increase a bit of the reward and make it repeatable. It's a good event but it's just simple impossible to get the itens 😞
  5. hmm so perhaps that's an issue with all equipaments and skills? like strange delay
  6. Idea description: I know that currently only evolved pets gets acess to autofeed, but there are a lot of other pets that doesn't evolve. I suggest giving them the autofeed mechanic or maybe even make a "evolve quest" procedure(maybe zelstars or mythrils) which makes possible to autofeed and also make them less hungry overtime like the evolved pets(after the evolving). Why is it good? More use to the pets mechanic and also affect the market positively. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 5 Will it affect our economy? Yes, positively, making the pet selling a thing. Will it affect any of our core systems? I don't think so. If we deny it, what might happen? Not evolved pet will be kept storaged on the kafra most of the time. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Everyone :).( and the pets that get's to see the light of the day). You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: yeah that's all i do baby.
  7. Ladraozinho


    sometimes @whodrops isn't usefull cause it only shows the first 5 monsters with the highest drop chance 🙂 when that happens use our db https://www.ragna0.com/item/
  8. Ladraozinho


    https://www.ragna0.com/item/view/?id=2104 Goblins
  9. This is very true, i've spent 14 days trying to drop a card with my friend and almost quit because of that, it was super tedious. If there was more people on the server surely that card would be on the market and all i needed to do was to farm some money and buy it, but as you said: lower rates are meant to be played by thousand. But at the same time, very high rates hurts the server economy aswell and also make the majority farm alone and play alone. But i do understand you that now, since we have low population, is super hard to find a party to level up, since most of the people already did. As a suggestion i would perhaps increase the rates a bit, not much. And also implement things like bubblegum and battle manual to be allowed to be bought by vote points(please where is it? it's going to help everyone), and for the love of god not make those itens character bound, so they can be sold in the market (customs from Attendance check shoudn't be aswell, i have so many equals, that i would even give them to other people). Also there is this comment from @Minatothat i agree a lot: I think that the best thing about this post is see that you guys wants to hear us and keep improving the server, and that's a action that passes security to us. It's also nice to see the players here on the foruns, this is a important place to come sometimes and give feedback. players please also participate in the community suggetions on others people's topics, because sometimes the gms waits for our feedback. Here are some links for you to vote 1) Change Champion monster spawn mechanic to be the same as Fever MVPs 2)buff ranked pots 3)Card Recycling system 4)Gemstones requirement for Abracadabra (mine :D) 5)Should we implement a Plagiarism NPC? Also some bugs 1)Strange Behaviour with steel body and equipaments ( or monks in general) ( mine :D) 2)Demonstration (Bomb) + Mount 🙂
  10. When you use steel body, equips seems to interact in a weird way, making you able to stack different itens by equiping and equipping again. In the video i show myself doing reflect damage even without the shield equiped. Screen_Recording_(04-02-2020_01-38-14).wmv
  11. Hello, this is a guide under construction. Any criticism and help is welcome. The goal of this guide is give some tips about how to get a good start in Ragna0 and start to understand it's features. Here are some tips: 1)Make more than one account. Here in Ragna0 you are able to open 2 games at time, that means that is possible to level up 2 accounts at the same time, with characters that help each other, like a priest and knight, making leveling easier and less costly. Personally i have an account to each character because that way if i want to use my Hunter with my Crusader, i am able to do it. Also in the future by doing this, it's going to help you to participate easier in instances since sometimes a certain class in missing to do it well. So my advice is to make the accounts, write them down with the username and it's class. 2)Always make a merchant character. Having this class is going to help you in many ways. You don't need to level up it a lot to get acess to it's perks: 3)Leveling There are few leveling guides on this forum. : This one, and This one ( more oriented to Knights). Your character also comes with a , you can open one every 5 levels ( 5,10,15,20 ...) they contain a lot of healing itens, that are character bound, and also Status and skill reset discount cupons. The higher your level it gets more expensive to reset your atributes, but with these cupons, you get 10% discount with each of them, so you can even get a skill reset and stat reset for free! I don't know exacltly what come from each first aid packet, but i think it would be nice to list the drops here by level, if someone have it tell me to post here. When in doub't to find a certain monster, you can search it using a renewall ragnarok database, like http://ratemyserver.net/ ( don't forget to put mark this option) or you can use the navigation tab ingame : There are a lot of quests that you can also do and receive some itens and xp(they are repeatable), we have a Wiki and in the section of Locations/Quests you can find them sorted by place. Sometimes it's also good to level up in a place that you desire a drop, that way you will be doing two tasks at once! 4)Option Gears! Here in Ragna0 the gears ( Weapons, armors, shoes and garmets) dropped from monsters usually come with options! ( Hats, shields and acessories doesn't come with options). There is this guide about Option and you can find this one in the Ragna0 Wiki aswell. They glow in different collors when dropped by monsters, so you know they have options when u drop them ( Monsters cards also glow, in purple, making better for you to see it when you drop it !): These option gears makes the difference in the build that you're aiming to but they can also make the difference to someone else, so the best thing to do is to keep them until to maybe use someday or sell to some player, because here in Ragna0 All weapons are sold in npcs for 10z, so it's not worth to do so :). Soon i will also do a guide on how to drop option equipaments easier :). 5)Attendance Check When you Log in or click in the Attendance Check you are going to receive this message: That is the remaining time online that you will have to be to receive a reward! When the time comes, click on attendance check, click on the item and go to your mail. English isn't my main language and i never really had any proper study on this subject, so i apologize for any mistakes i made, and please fell free correct anything wrong. I will be doing a portuguese guide aswell since a lot of Brasilians also strugles with english. I hope this helps 🙂
  12. i liked it, when it's going to get launched :)?
  13. Ladraozinho

    Charity #2

    Awesome, actions like this is one of the reasons that makes me want to stay here and help even more! ❤️
  14. I really like the kill xx monsters to spawn, but in that case, Can we have both? Like a natural spawn + killing spawn? Cause this would make farming more rewarding in those maps, also making people drop cards/equips from these monsters aswell which is something we are really in need :(. Beteween natural spawn and killing spawn i think the killing is better, maybe it just needs some tweaks or increase mob spawn in some cases.
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