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  1. i already reported this on discord but was told to put it here as well. on Monday i bought 3 orc lady cards and placed them into a gladius to go kill dark orcs which i have already tried, after doing so i noticed my damage did not increase so im guessing since they're a new mob type, there's no "orc" tag on their database and thus the orc lady doesnt affect them.
  2. this reminds me of that meme of a news report where the reporter look's identical to the criminal's sketch portrait
  3. I believe we're in urgent need of something that pushes engame towards anything that's not just mindless grinding and i'm going to try my best to explain why. Idea description: one of the core things Ragna0 is missing as a core, is the classic War of Emperium. Why is it good? WoE for the longest time has been one has been one of the driving forces of Ragnarok's playtime, it gives meaning to all the grind you do to get a character to its peak and gives us another reason to play as a group How urgent is this rate 1-10: 7+, maybe even up to 9. Will it affect our economy? equipments and cards will change price, everything that has anything to do with pvp will get more expensive and certain items will see more play, that being said, everything related to demihuman damage is already inflated so it may not change that much in that regard, however having WoE in a server will affect the server's population since many guilds only join servers where this is active and thus there'll be a higher influx of both players and items, the economy will grow. Will it affect any of our core systems? WoE in itself is unbalanced, the new skill changes may also play a part in that and some jobs will see more playtime than others but that has always been the case, that being said i know that WoE maps have their own rules so there's a possibility for balancing, but implementation is needed so we can play and test those waters and see what breaks. Also as it is right now, Union incentivizes players to play without a Guild which pushes solo play, that on itself is a flaw on the system because solo play can lead to burnout and leaving the game, thus having WoE will give players an incentive to find a Guild to engage and play with. If we deny it, what might happen? the server's population will struggle to grow and could probably keep decreasing as time go by. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? the community itself, WoE brings competition, rivalries are formed, alliances are formed, more people get involved and this makes more players join the server, which leads to a higher influx of items being farmed and the economy growing. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: as one of those people who played the game when WoE was first introduced, i know the HUGE impact it had on its playerbase and while not everyone likes it and takes part in it, it pushes the game forward in many aspects. Other inputs: I know that WoE isnt really a "suggestion" on itself and that you guys are following a patch list and that it will eventually hit the servers because its a core feature of the game at this point, however what i want to bring up with this post is how much of a priority it should be, i know that you guys could push it ahead on schedule if you wanted, you seem like a pretty competent team when it comes to scripting and server tweeking so i wanted to bring this out since it wasnt part of last patch. RT is coming out soon and i believe it will eat up a part of your users, having WoE here could mean that players end up so invested in it that they not only stay but also bring more people here. Ive joined the server not long ago and ive tried to bring a bunch of people with me and half of them declined as soon as they knew there was no WoE because like i said earlier, it is a driving force for many RO players.
  4. Tony Storm

    Patch Notes 1.7

    the reset also fixed the zombie spawning issue in payon dungeon 1
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