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  1. Santa arrived earlier this year, since last night I've been doing mini hide and seek events for the server folks. I need to focus on other things right now and leaving items unused makes no sense, making someone happy is more important, after all, they are just virtual things. It was really fun to do these '' events '' and also see a lot of people participating, thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners. I hope you make good use of the items. 🤗 Merry Christmas everyone, Maybe I'll be back soon. Below are some of the prizes given to the winners. ♥
  2. Is it possible for you to add the option to try visual on the NPC? Same for the cash store, it's hard to buy a look without knowing how it will look or what it looks. 🙏
  3. I don't think that would make the same player kill him repeatedly, in fact a grave would help several other players who have no idea when the last one was killed. Already with a grave it would be a matter of luck to find it first but ok It's a good event anyway.
  4. You could add a grave or a fixed time to Antonio, MVPS that are born every x hour between x and x minutes is horrible, it can take 3 minutes or 50 minutes. 🙄
  5. Yes, me too. I was so happy when I saw that one of the prizes was a box costume ticket. I like a lot of cosmetic items, I would trade everything I've achieved so far for some visual items. 😢
  6. Has the christmas event changed? The 24th prize was a Costume ticket box, probably many players were expecting this type of prize as it is virtually impossible to win at Event Master. I spent more than 400 coins and the most I could win was some taming items and now the prize is 10 Rainbow Cake? What happened? 😐
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    IRL Nick Name: Antonio Character Name: Shaggy Main Job: Assasssin AFK Town: Prontera City Guild: Vergonha da Profisson Year Born: 1997 Gender: Male Personalities: Honest and calm Fruit that you Hate: Jaca Animal that you Love: Dogs Favorite single player games: Bad Fur Day Goal in Ragna0: Make my assassin crit 1k per hit xD What were you doing 1 hour ago: Lunching Other stuff you may add yourself here: To players: Stop extrapolating on item prices ❤️ Insert few selfies: (if you want) Insert your favorite meme: Cachorrin fia da puta
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