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  1. He didn't show his equips in any of his other videos. It looks like he's just running expedition stuff based from his damage. His buffs are shown but it looks like they're just stat increasing consumables.
  2. @0:44 Looks like Venom splasher's CD isn't really 10 seconds. @Hades
  3. Hoarfrost

    Can't open mail

    You can only open mails in towns.
  4. The update for the skill only does the first hit animation
  5. Venom splasher should still have its cooldown that scales based on its level. At level 10, the skill should have 10 seconds cooldown. From the r0 wiki & Sigma's translation in divine-pride's forum.
  6. Allow players to have guild and union at the same time. I mean, I don't really see why you can't have both. Players will usually play with a guild and that makes union useless.
  7. I'll just leave this here. The skill is fine as it is. Customizing the skill will just make it OP once people gets their hands on decent gears.
  8. It will be better if instanced dungeons gets an advanced looting system similar to what the 2 big renewal servers did. Everyone gets an item based on their individual roll once the MVP dies. This makes a 12/12 party more rewarding tbh.
  9. The set bonus doesn't work. Wearing Prison uniform and shackles doesn't give 5 ATK and increased ATK based on the refine level of shackles.
  10. Prison watcher's weapon level should be 3 instead of 2.
  11. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557588244032782337/607051836788047882/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557588244032782337/607053250906030090/unknown.png The links above will explain everything xd
  12. Hello there! I'd like to suggest to reset town daily quests at 0:00 server time. Just a QoL suggestion.
  13. I'd vote only for @refresh. We already have the navigation system as a replacement for @whereis.
  14. Hoarfrost

    Self Introduction

    Character Name: Kotaro Main Job: Assassin AFK Town: Guild: Undaunted Gender: Male Animal that you Love: Dogs Favorite single player games: Skyrim & Mafia2 Goal in Ragna0: To have fun with my dead guild. Other stuff you may add yourself here: I make RO vids, but they're mostly centered around PVP/BG in renewal with a bit of random PVM. Insert your favorite meme: playing pre-re in 2019 Insert few selfies : I don't really like taking selfies, here, cropped from a group photo.
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