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  1. To initiate the first Paradise quest, you must speak to Sprakki. However, if you have Sprakki's first quest as well, you cannot proceed with the two quests. Reno is visible from far away, but disappears as you approach him (tested on different monitors and resolutions). He wont appear again until you walk off his screen and the approach him again. 1. I have already spoken to Lime, and Sprakki has assigned me the first quest. This is the only dialogue available to me, so I cannot proceed with the first quest by Sprakki, "Hello!" 2. I have both the quests, "Hello!" and "Toward Prontera!" assigned by Sprakki active. 3. Reno appears visible from this distance, and I can speak to him. 4. Reno is no longer visible, and I cannot speak with him as I approach him. 5. Reno is completely gone. 6. I can speak to Reno, but I cannot proceed with the Paradise quest, "Toward Prontera!"
  2. You had me so convinced...my mistake 😭
  3. Your argument is not very clear or solid. May you please elaborate on why "it's their right," to stop feeding the market's demand? They are not officially authorized to control the market, and I think that everyone deserves a fair chance to join the market. Furthermore, the inactive players will be unaffected by the degradation because they do not even play anymore. We should think about those that are being directly affected, and think about those that are actively supporting the server. You mentioned that the materials are more expensive, and there are few available for purchase. Additionally, there are few crafted items to purchase. The point of the degradation is to encourage more production and activity in the market. If there are reasons and incentives for players to craft and farm, then the state of the economy will improve. However, your argument encourages inflation in this stagnant, capitalistic economy. Lastly, your suggestion to "git gud," or "just quit," is not very positive or productive. In fact, this statement contributed little to our discussion other than display your opinion. I am looking forward to your response! 😊
  4. I agree with all of the options that you presented to have the points degrade over time. It should also be applied to both blacksmiths and alchemists. As it is currently, it discourages others from joining the ranks. People join and leave servers frequently, and some stay for as little as a month. If the ladder of the ranks continue to increase, players that join much later on may find that it would be too much time to invest. Additionally, if most people that are ranked are not even playing anymore, it affects the amount of weapons being produced on the server. Overall, I think that blacksmiths and alchemists are good for the server's economy in general. I also think that allowing new and old players to keep up the competition will increase the activity, and maintain one of the interesting aspects of being a blacksmith/alchemist. It seems that some of these opposing arguments are targeted towards those that have a blacksmith alt-character, but I would like to remind everyone that some of us play crafting classes as our main class. We do not want persons, groups, or guilds to monopolize weapons, equipment, or cards. We are trying to consider the whole population, and the future of the server! If some people put so much time into farming and crafting, they can do it again and prove that they belong in the ranks.
  5. I participated in the Disguise Event on October 11 at 14:04. The event started but after only the first round, it ended.
  6. I think that people with more time will be able to dedicate it to killing [X amount] of mobs for their cards. This fully opens two options for those with a lot of time: Kill [X amount] of mobs and be guaranteed a card within a day. Naturally obtain the card. While for those that are very busy, the assurance feature is there but there is the huge possibility of falling behind those that can take advantage of this feature. It might take us a month to collect the same amount of cards as someone with a lot of free time. We can still be "hardcore," players, but we are also adults 😪 Remember that every kill we make, we have a 0.03% of obtaining that item in each instance. People like you and myself can kill 1 Baphomet Jr. and get a card. This situation applies to everyone, and I could have a chance of collecting 4 cards or 0 cards in one day--just like anyone else! I hope that somehow answers your question. Unrelated to your response, I do not think that introducing another zeny sink would benefit the economy at the moment. We need more people before we "tax," them. There are some other potential remedies for our economy, but this should not be one of them. Lastly, I think that implementing this feature would ruin the novelty of owning a card. I think that R0 has a lot of good options for your equipment and builds already. Don't forget that a player with good cards does not equate to a good player.
  7. This is an interesting feature, but I disagree with the suggestion. I do not think that this server is the kind of server that would implement such a highly customized feature. This game in general is supposed to be a grind-heavy game. I understand the frustration of killing 6k+ mobs and receiving no reward, though. I also understand that some games may have a feature like this by default. This feature would significantly benefit those that have more time to play. Many of us can only play for a few hours a day. As an alternative, I suggest increasing the rates to 5x (actually, I believe all rates should be 5/5/5). This maintains an equal opportunity for all players, while keeping the challenge and great reward of card hunting.
  8. Hi, Stephcake! Thank you for clearing this up. I have only been on the server for about two days, so I didn't know. I'll check it again later 😘 And thank you for the suggestion 😊
  9. I am trying to delete a character that I have, but noticed that I will need to wait 10+ months until it will be deleted. I think it should be reduced to at least 7 days or 48 hours.
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