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  1. Andrew

    State Of The Game I

    basically something enchanting to players so they can do something other than grinding materials alone just to see it breaks. For PvM parts, I have some kind of ideas: 1. MVP can drop more items for upgrading materials and Headgear. For example, Eddga drops King Tiger Dool (that can be made into a custome) and so on. For upgrading materials, A random gift box would dropped and/or gifted to the players who killed it, and it can be opened into consumables, upgrading materials, or anything enchanting. And make them tradeable. But to avoid monopolization, need to revamp the MVP grieving rules. I don't know if its possible, but make the damage calculation to get MVP title accumulative for every player in the party. Or, make a special map where you can actually PK. 2. A week reset cooldown (just like endless tower) instance that challenging, encourages group plays, and giving rewards. 3. Weekly event by the GM? I play this server since the launch, and barely see any event held by the GM that could actually encourages people to play in different way. Just asking, are the staffs even know what endgame of kro zero going? Don't they have an account on official kro zero? Are they know what are they copying? I am just gonna leave it here, since it was ignored back then.
  2. Andrew

    State Of The Game I

    i think the problem here is not about how Minato talk sensitive things on different discord. The problem is, that Minato, as one of the face of the server, should have different accounts of discord. So he is “UNPROFESSIONAL” or unwise for not having separate discord. When the surge happened, a lot of newcomers came to this “other” discord, and when they did see something sensitive directly said or typed from GM, even it was a joke, it was a bad move. You cannot underestimate the new people way of thinking. Not saying that this is completely Minato’s fault, but as a GM, you should anticipated if one of this thing would arise. Other thing i want to personally point out, is, how lazy the GM answers some newbie’s questions. There were times when people asking how op brandish build were, and white syrups. But the GM just replied it with “blame zero for that”. That answer was so lame. Yes, you do copy and try to mimic kro zero to this server, but at least try to answer that in a professional way. Its like you do not know what are you trying to copy, and just wanna try to throw the responsibility to official kro. Also, MVP griefing rule sucks
  3. Andrew

    Staff Recruitment!

    Hello, been here since the launch. Never become a staff of ro, but i am interested on helping the community. So far I have been trying to help people by answering question in-game or helping new people on partying. I am not really an expert in ragnarok on general, but I am willing to learn and contribute to the server in a manner that I can help. I speak English and Indonesian. GMT+7. IGN: Tobias. Discord: Andrew17#1506
  4. Tough call. I do like the white syrup, it makes farming a lot of easier, but at the same time it hits support classes. I am sure the staff won't change the price of the syrups, since its a zero mechanic. But at the same time, at least can they or anyone explain how kro z rebalance the classes while the white syrups or blue syrups come out. Yes, you are trying to make r0 a real zero server. But if you can't explain or at least make the rebalance, there will be a lot of disappointment. Here at r0, priests are more like a shittier bard because people can just like dual to make slave priest or something like that. And people do have preferences if they are going to play dps, tanks or support. And lets be honest. A lot of support player would considering to quit if they see support class going down like this. Yes, they are still useful, but it is not as used to be. Yes, I can go as ME priest, but is the only option, is to go as damage on a support? Is this intended? Same goes for alchemist. Again, its good if the staff are trying to copy a very good and fresh system. But at least you have to know what are you copying. How the kro z make anything good with the syrups? Are all the classes suppose to be a dps? How the support make things at kro.z? I am sure you can provide me a good explanation.
  5. not yet, its WIP after amatsu implemented
  6. this bug has been around since the release of the kingdom quest iirc
  7. I would love to see aura too, a simple one like this should be ok
  8. Andrew

    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Andrew Character Name: Yvrael Main Job: Priest AFK Town: Alberta Guild: Ro Buddies Year Born: 1997 Gender: M Personalities: always curious about everything Fruit that you Hate: None Animal that you Love: Dogs Favorite single player games: Pokemon Goal in Ragna0: Feeling nostalgic What were you doing 1 hour ago: Trying to sleep Other stuff you may add yourself here: pls dont send love emote to my character anymore lol jk Insert few selfies: Insert your favorite meme:
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