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    State of Beta

    Hello r0nians, I can say that looking at the state of the beta, we're now at 40-60% completion. In terms of completion and tests done and still being done. We are still aiming for a June 2020 release (any point on june, 1st to 30th). So please don't ask us when yet since even we, the staff don't know exactly. 🤣 As we dive in below, here is the state of beta as we arrive at its 3rd week: OFFICIAL CONTENT Transcendent Classes/Rebirth Quest/Skills: - All are looking good and are now at Zero effects. We assure that all skills have 99% accuracy (looking at you spiral pierce, pressure and sonic blow! 🙄), why 99% and not 100%? since there was a lot of guesswork and mathematics involved in how to translate the source (skill descriptions, just plain 'ol words) and videos into a working code. Example: "Damage compensation depends on target's size is increased.""Changes damage formula. New damage formula : (150 + (50 x skill level))%Atk.""Deals additional damage depends on user's base level." How do you translate this into code? Specially the first line and third. It didn't say specifically, how it is affecting the formula itself, and the final damage output. Won't it make damage on Large monsters more "more" or less "less"? it just said compensation, but from the word usage of compensation, maybe it's to improve, but how much? Missing values are the real challenge since it'd make the damage inaccurate. From the third line, it definitely increases the damage as the user's base level comes up, but, again, by how much? (I blame gravity for this 🤣) Wrapping up the skills section, I can say that all are on their Zero-mechanics and 99% accurate. Note: Oh, and you can use the skill descriptions now in game as source since all are now updated. Malangdo: (Wiki page will be added) - Consists of the town itself, 2 new dungeons, a mini boss and one MVP monster, and a few items. For an example... Hugel/Odin/Abyss: (Wiki page will be added) - Hugel will come first before the 2 new transcendent content dungeons/instance but this will come at beta to ensure availability of content for Transcendent Classes on release. Einbroch: - This will come outside of beta so stay tuned! (maybe 1 month to 2 months after release? will need to confirm) CUSTOM RAGNA0 CONTENT DWM Quests: - This part of Lif is looking good and will just keep doing better. This will undergo some changes on the list of tasks come Day 1 of release. Though it still has some unintended bugs, they're minor and we are still improving it as a base for future additions. Idea is still to support daily tasks done by a player and will stay that way until the end of times. Daily Gacha: - Free useful items. 'Nuff said. See my updated post below to check the items! (Now located at prontera 165 300) Hard Mode Instances (existing, not including the future ones): - I've said on my previous post ("Updated Lif") that all instances are gonna have a new hard mode with new mobs and skill usages. I've come to say officially that only Poring Hard Mode instance will be implemented with these unique mob mechanics due to a system limitation, you see, MOB IDs are not infinite, and implementing new monsters include using IDs that are unused for now, so the more we have these "new-skill-using-monsters", the more we use IDs that can be used for future official content. However, this is just for now, since an improvement within the instance scripts can be made where it won't use official mob ids, but into the future since it'll require some restructuring of the current one and the resource and time should be made available to other content first. - Due to the issue above, for now, multipliers will be used for the mobs and boss to make it more interesting and harder for transcendent update. (Please see the previous post "Updated Lif" for a complete rundown for multipliers) - And yes, we see that "Easy" and "Normal" both has similar chest rewards in the future, we are contemplating if the chest on normal mode will follow the mechanic of chest rewards of Hard but with the items of Normal mode. Stay tuned! - Overall, balance of hard mode is 99% accurate for transcendent. Will just undergo some minor tweaks for good measure. (Special thanks to the group of @Topless for testing the instances in the early days of the beta and to all unnamed individuals/group who's checking out our instances until now!) - State of Jello Fragments is better than Aesir's state. Refining: - Blacksmith Blessing will not likely make the official launch and will be replaced byHD Oridecon HD Elunium the MVP drop table of Great King Poring. Edit: Still having internal discussions. (5/18/20) - The one on DWM reward will likely be replaced by enriched ores. State of Zelstar: - Farming for zelstar at normal rates is untested yet and will likely result to culture shock for all players, so I advise not to get used to "Zelstar Farming" as the main source for everything, will give feedback on this on "State of Beta II". Basically, we'll be reverting to normal rates on our last 3-5 days of beta. Cash Shop: - We will still be continuing our no "P2W" mechanic (NO CASH SHOP ORES LIKE SOME OTHER 'SERVER' THAT I SAW FOR THE PAST MONTH!), but we recognize the fact that some of you would want exclusive cool/cute costume headgears that can be bought via cash for uniqueness and bragging rights, so we'll be introducing "Costume Sets" on our cash shop in the future. A collection of specially handpicked costumes (Top/Mid/Lower) for a fair price. Will also be expanding the individual cash shop costume headgears that can be bought individually. Hourly Events: - We are still looking into additions. Stay tuned. - Current PVP hourly event looks good. (Will look into the info about the rewards) Note: I still hate that airship event, but it is working so.... Union System: - Structure is ready for future content addition. (Shop/Quests) Account-bound achievement System: - This will still come and a WIP. Stay tuned! Battlegrounds Zero: (THIS NEEDS TO BE TESTED, SO PLEASE TEST!) - Since this content is not available on official Zero, we'd need to test this more, please test this out! War of Emperium Zero: - WoE Zero will be tested in the coming days, will be available hourly for testing purposes, still finalizing. - Castle Treasure drops are finalized however, will be updating this post as more information is available. Stay tuned! - Advanced War Items are now implemented. See https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium for complete information. Example of an Advanced War Weapon: Advanced War Jamadhar [1] Note: Castle Treasure Chest drops are gonna be... unique and satisfying, so better call your War-minded friends to destroy all opposition. 😉 MVP-option-dropped-item buff: - Still coming and still a WIP. NPC location movement: - Some NPCs are moved to mimic kRO:Zero. List will be made available soon. Expedition Gear Essence QoL: - Still coming and still a WIP. (For those who don't know, we plan to exclude the level 1 essences and only include the level 2 into the pool of the first slot to ensure that T1 > T4 in terms of quality.) Costume Availability: - Forgotten Box revamped. (Drops Costume Ticket Box at 1%) - Daily Gacha (can get Costume Ticket Box at 10% daily, but there are a lot of other items so technically not 10% but...) - Good 'ol Event Coin Lottery (probably gonna take a second look at the dismal rates...) - Union Shop (easy to get basic costume headgears) Surprise Mechanics that WILL help EVERYONE: (Stay tuned for more information!) - Clue: Ducks? - Clue: Blessings? (Not BSB) Marketing: V4P is still pending. Website is still under construction. We have started paid advertising on facebook. FB: https://web.facebook.com/Ragna0-123596305706871/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsNMs221xzZ7AdJD45ci3Q (Please subscribe as we need 100 subs to have our own custom URL, thanks!) Discord Icon will always change depending on what content/event we have. First iteration, 1 out of many to come: First ever teaser: Disclaimer: Does not represent Zero Odin Temple instance but the valkyries of Odin as a whole. Post will be updated once more is available. On behalf of the staff, @Hades @Stroheim and @Holly, we thank you for your continued support, the best is yet to come!
  2. Minato

    Updated Lif

    Hello @Bakuranecro, thanks for your opinion. 😉
  3. Hello @althar20k, Thanks for your suggestion but.... Big. fat. NO. Sorry. It's made that way and not a bug. Sorry but without the suggestion, mage class is working as intended. cc: @Hades @Stroheim @Holly - in case you guys wanna see this and outvote me. But I know you guys will reject this.
  4. This is not in consideration, we're in a low rate. Thanks for the suggestion. cc: @Hades
  5. Please post to the proper section next time @bananation8.
  6. Been banned/jailed by @Hades I think.
  7. Minato

    Updated Lif

    Lif Zero Beta Server We wipe after Beta is done! Release date: No definite date set, we'll release until we're ready to release. Thanks! (Could be 2 weeks minimum from May 1, or as far as 1 and a half months) Quick rundown: Yellow means feature exists on legacy and has some modifications. Green means completely new on Lif. White means no changes or no further info. General Exp Rates: 5/5/3 (1000/1000/100 Open Beta Rates) +5% exp for every party member (Max of +55% on a full party) Penalty Level-difference penalty (upper & lower) No item drop penalty Death Penalty: Reduced from 10% to 5% Newbie Friendly In-depth Tutorial on Zero Features & Server Features (WIP) Navigation to crucial Town NPCs (WIP) Quest NPCs (Union, Kingdom, Dailies) Crafting NPCs Prontera Castle Command to check info on mob amount & location (WIP) First Aid Kit content revamp (Newbie friendly package) (WIP since a newbie friendly 7-Day reward has been implemented) Kingdom Coin boosts (For newbie QoL improvement) Higher availability of Battle manuals Boosted existing daily quests all around Midgard Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests include Battle Manuals and more as rewards Daily Gacha (Lottery) (DONE) UniqueID based Includes rare items (CE, OCA, Refinement Ore) Buff Potions, Healing items MvP Ranking (Weekly) MvP options buffed (more common 3 options) (WIP) Points per MvP kill: Instance MvP excluded Weekly Ranking rewards (claimable via NPC) Instances Separate ‘Easy, Normal, Hard’ modes for all Zero instances Customized Hard mode will feature end game drops and will require not just good equips, but the best tactics! Hard Mode mobs will surely kill you if you're not prepared! Modifiers is activated for Normal, and is using Easy mode as base. Separate CD for all 3 modes (this is to not waste a day and improve time-gated gear progression) (WIP) Weekly Instance Ranking (fastest completion) Alchemist/Blacksmith Ranking Reset monthly For giving chance to aspiring Smiths/Chemists! Rewards to top 10 monthly PvP/BG/WoE PvP Part of hourly event rotation Announcer Weekly PvP ranking & rewards for rank obtained BG Minimum 3/4/4 (KvM/Flav/Tierra) to begin Happy hours (2x Rewards) BG Shop (Additional items WIP) WoE To release within weeks of server reopen (TBD) WoE Point for participating (TBD) Refinement To improve attainability of +7 gears and retain rarity of +9 above. To introduce Blacksmith Blessing (System implementation pending) Can be obtained from DWM Quests and Hard mode instances. Revisited cost of Enriched ore. Cost reduced from 500k to 250k zeny. Refinement Events (rate increase event, TBD and WIP) Retaining +4 safe limit Daily Weekly Monthly Quests (DWM Quests) Hunting, Item collection, Instance completion. Daily Rewards: Exp (BMs +50%), Refinement Ores, Potions, etc. Weekly: List is in game (can be changed and more to be added!) Monthly: List is in game (can be changed and more to be added!) Zelstar Zelstar Pouch Higher drop rate from champions: 1-40: 15% Zelstar Pouch 40-70: 20% Zelstar Pouch 70+: 25% Zelstar Pouch Drop from MvPs Normal-Easy MvPs: 1x100% Zelstar Pouch Normal-Med MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch Normal-Hard MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch Fever MvPs: 3x75% Zelstar Pouch Instance MvPs (will vary) Obtained at high cost/random from the following: (Official list to follow) Events PvP BG WoE Quests Attendance Union Union token boost (other quests for union token to follow in the future) Better navigation Darkness Shadow related NPCs to moved to Morocc Union shop items (structure complete - additional updates in the future) Events New event every 2 weeks (TBD) Hourly Events to include PvP (mentioned above) Addition of new hourly events (Pending WIP / TBD) Achievement System (Pending WIP) Account based Better rewards Others (Pending WIP) Max level aura quest Zero crafting material adjustment (TBD) Expedition Equipment enchant cost reduction (WIP) Channels for PvP, BG, Events, Instance (able to join/leave) 3 new Pet Evolution pets: Rigid Nightmare Terror, Cat o Nine Tail and Am Mut. ...More details soon! Cash Shop 50% battle manuals from hunting pack will be replaced by the 150% ones Costume eggs containing random content (Pending WIP) Costumes, Buff Potions Individual cash-shop-only costumes (Pending WIP) Consumables (High cost, Account bound) (Pending WIP) All Cash Shop items (except CE) will be obtainable ingame. (Official list to follow) Transcendent Patch Trans skills updated to Zero 1.0 (DONE!) Malangdo (WIP) Abyss Lake (To follow in an update) Hugel / Odin Temple Instance (WIP) Lighthalzen / LHZ Dungeons (To follow as a future update) New equipment sets and items attached to the areas (To follow as a future update) Customized r0 content (in-depth topics): • DWM Quests • Created to have the tasks/actions done by the players be rewarded somewhat, be it just farming or hunting for ingredients for Zero-exclusive gears. Tasks are catered around the daily life of players in our server and to augment the rewards they gain on that action. Note: DQ = Daily Quests / WQ = Weekly Quests / MQ = Monthly Quests Some more examples: This structure would continue for more additional content in the future and would also include daily/weekly/monthly instance completion to fully augment the player's rewards when completing different difficulty instances. (instance completion is in WIP and would be available on Day 1 Official) • Instances • In the past, the rewards and the server population doesn't match and we learned the hard way that Zero setting needs a lot of tweaks to cater for below 1000 population, and thus, for the sanity of the players, we implemented the chest per member system and produced the best results on gaining exclusive loot daily on the existing instances. Now on Lif, we fully embraced that it needs more tweaks to have better overall experience for the players. We'd be separating cooldowns for each difficulty since the items gained from them are different (e.g. Normal = Exped T4, Hard = forging/exped materials), this is to not waste time of players in creating more than 3~4 characters just to have a designated run for each (1 char for normal, 2 char for hard, etc). And we will be implementing a proper "Hard Mode" for all existing instances and future ones. Also, to make things a little spicier for all normal mode and hard modes of instances (except poring), we have introduced modifiers on it. Modifiers will multiply the MobHP, MobAtk, MobAmt, BossAtk, BossDef, BossMdef, BossHit, BossFlee inside. Easy will be the very base for normal mode. Meaning, if in @mi poring has an hp of 1, in Normal, it will have 4, and 40 on hard. (Note: It won't show on @mi itself, only the Easy stats are shown) Difficulties were scaled back (by name) to make room for more (Poring has its own Hard Mode now): Legacy ----Past-----> Normal Hard Lif ----Now-----> Easy (Base) Normal Hard Poring Hard Mode Modifier MobHP x1 x4 x40 x1 (unique) MobAtk x1 x3 x6 x1 (unique) MobAmt x1 x3 x5 x1 same as easy BossAtk x1 x2 x7 x1 (unique) BossDef x1 x1 x2 x1 (unique) BossMdef x1 x1 x2 x1 (unique) BossHit x1 x2 x3 x1 (unique) BossFlee x1 x1 x1 x1 (unique) BossHP x1 x3 x10 x1 (unique) Hard modes are being tuned for Trans job classes. Poring hard mode (and all other hard mode instances) has its own set of mobs to cater for End-game challenges Current configuration as follows (subject to change with/without prior notice for tuning purposes): Enhanced Poring/Drops/Marin/Poporing would drop Jello Fragment Stones at 45% Guardians (Amering/Goldring) is "Boss-like" in terms of drop and behavior. Great King Poring is the boss of all porings and would drop the party dead if they're not careful enough. Note: Boss and mobs from Drake instances has been slashed by half to be in-line with lower instances, now balanced. (5/18/20) Skill usage (and loots maybe?) are still being fine tuned, without proper preparation, a party wipe is expected. • Union System • This is a unique system and is being further polished because this feature has a future if done right, would now work without a guild and consists of unique quests (has tons of space for more!). Shop is also being polished to push players to do these quests for their token. Will be selling basic starter costumes for newbies and very helpful potion buffs (not all potion buffs are available, there are specifics that are only available for one or two union that is not available with the other) Note: I know, alien item detected, that's a 3-Day infinite fly wing. (All prices are subject to change without prior notice for fine tuning in beta) • Eden Quests and Midgard Daily Quests buff • Did you know that you can get food items when you complete a champion hunting quest on Eden HQ? And also, did you know in kRO:Zero that it's normal for a character to have a bazillion buff icons on the side? Now the food item rewards received are buffed. +5 stats below +6 stats above Quintupled in quantity Tripled in quantity Now, NPCs on Eden are more than generous to reward these food buff that will surely help you everyday! Did you also know that there are daily quests around midgard? Almost all official daily quests around the world are buffed when completing their daily quest (finish it the first time, and the 2nd time you finish it, you'll get Battle Manual. There are a lot of very easy daily quests around midgard, complete them if you want more free BMs to help you in leveling! (some are buffed with Finest Course too!) • Refines and stones • Blacksmith's blessing are to be implemented but will be tuned to be only obtainable in a number of unique ways to further help +9. Enriched ore acquisition cost is also reduced from 500k to 250k to streamline and have +7 gears more attainable quick. HD ores will retain their 750k acquisition cost to somewhat retain the value of +9 and above equipments. [function is still pending implementation, full implementation can also be withdrawn, internal discussion still on going] Current thoughts on BSB: to further cut the time needed for +9 acquisition but not overdo it to destroy the +9 prices, it's still RNG. • Zelstar Random Machine • Now, we have tweaked the machine to give out all items 'randomly' with no strings attached, in the past, it has a percentage rate that comes with every item, now it's totally random, you could actually now get these ores if you try your luck! However, this comes at a cost, from 1 Zelstar per try, it's now doubled at 2 Zelstar per try, to keep it a little balanced. May introduce more items in the future for it since the structure is already good and set! • Cash Shop • Hunting Pack (30 Days) has received an upgrade and will now give out x2 Thick Battle Manual instead of the usual x2 Battle Manual. This is due to the fact that Battle Manual are now easily accessible via quests in game, and to differentiate the items and give more value to Hunting Pack (30 Days). Finest Course and other similar items will still be available for purchase as the items are available and now more abundant in game (will still be untradeable). We will be also creating "Costume Eggs" that consists of a number of exclusive costumes and will be specially curated by the staff, and of course, will remain untradeable. Individual Costumes would still be sold similar to the existing ones like Costume Helmet of Siegfried. Hundreds more will be made available in game and a few cash exclusive ones. • Hourly Events • We acknowledge that the current hourly events implemented on the legacy server sucks (looking at you airship rescue!) and thus will be implementing more engaging hourly events that will have the community together. • Costumes • Current thought: Will likely give more sources for Costume Event Boxes. Currently leaning on having linking forgotten boxes feature into costumes. (Added 5/3/2020) Forgotten Gift Box drops revamped: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Fever_Field (at the bottom of the page, added 5/10/2020) Daily Gacha: (Added 5/14/2020) Will give you one item on the list below daily! So login everyday to get free stuff, who knows what your fortune would bring? 😉 (unique ID based, unexploitable with duals) List of items: Normal (70% rate) Rare (20% rate) Epic (10% rate) x10 Light Yellow Potion x1 Old Purple Box x1 Old Card Album x10 Light White Potion x1 Token Of Siegfried x1 Enriched Elunium x10 Light Blue Potion x1 Dead Branch Box x1 Enriched Oridecon x1 Battle Manual x3 Seasoned Sticky Webfoot x1 Thick Battle Manual x15 Event Coin x3 Autumn Red Tea x1 Costume Ticket Box x10 Event Coin x3 Assorted Seafood x5 Event Coin x3 Smooth Noodle x5 Fried Grasshopper Legs x3 Chocolate Mousse Cake x5 Grape Juice Herbal Tea x3Mixed Juice x5 Steamed Crab Nippers x5 Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup x5 Honey Grape Juice x5 Fried Monkey Tails x1 Elunium x1 Oridecon • Marketing? • A working V4P is still in pending state, the issue here is that a proper "callback function" from the voting website to our website should be implemented, without it, like some servers out there, the player would just click the link and poof, vote points would magically be added to the account without verification that the server was voted completely on the said voting website. Please bear with us! Streamer deals, we currently have deals with streamers and is looking for more (I think?) Facebook marketing will be launched to tap into countries where social media is numbawan. Please write a review on RMS (when we officially launch) to regain our top 1-3 spot on the low rate server list. Promotions are still being cooked and ideas are being generated by the staff regarding marketing. If you have any suggestions regarding this one, please do post it on our forums and tag me directly! Customized features that may be implemented waaaaay into the future: (Added 5/3/2020) - Adventurer Rank - A modern take from other games, you may know it as "Seasons" (from Call of Duty, Division 2, etc.), it will consist of seasonal tasks to do for leveling up a rank (think of something like "RankS E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, SSS+), every rank up would net you some exclusive items from that named season. - World Boss Instance - As the name suggests, would be open maybe twice (or thrice?) daily and is an instanced dungeon, that can house all of the server's population (or a number divided in several instances?) Could feature some familiar bosses with different AI mechanics and would feature good loots. Note on beta and bug reporting: A special channel will be created on discord for bug reporting to fully expedite the process (bypassing forums for now). Some item descriptions (such as the hunting pack) are not yet updated. .....aaaaaand that's all that I could share for now, from our entire staff, @Hades, @Stroheim and @Holly, we thank you for all your support, see you all on our open beta!
  8. Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions, but I think we should just focus on those 4 choices for now to avoid complexity. Resources/hands are limited and we'd like to use it on "heavier" content. Thanks!
  9. Achievement system, Union system, daily attendance (currently live on legacy), D/W/M activity quests are all coming on Lif. Please stay tuned! Still looking at Forgotten Box revamp.
  10. Internal discussion that will be discussed for this: Whenever an MVP card drops, aside from the server wide announcement, benefits for everyone would be given, so it's not just the MVP card holder that's gonna be happy, but every player. Ex. Baphomet card dropped for a player, every player would get x pieces of blacksmith's blessing to commemorate. Disclaimer: This feature is not guaranteed to be implemented as it's still an idea for now. Thanks!
  11. Hi r0nians, To combat rumors on our new server, we would like to get your opinion on this feature that we'd like to implement. Please vote and share your thoughts! Thanks! Warmest regards, Minato
  12. Hi @MagicalGirlCelia, we've implemented an increase for Rank 1 to 5 alchemists. I'll be waiting for your feedback regarding this. 😅
  13. Been a month, no other inputs. I think it's already good as "to-be-implemented" @Stroheim @Hades, I see no other downside from this. cc: @Kervaz
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