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  1. r0 News Live from Prontera! This report just came in! Professor Ivor and Captain Cairn has been missing! Reports from bystanders and witnesses that they've been kidnapped by a character named Minato Namikaze, Prontera Chivalry and Prontera Church's Crusaders are now on the scene and investigating this matter. We will update you here once we have news about their alleged kidnapping. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!
  2. Minato

    About bg

    Hey @Garr, thanks for asking. BG on Zero official doesn't exist at the moment, we are making a customized one for ours, ragna0. You won't expect the normal valor and bravery stuff on our BG, what you would expect however are called "Lesser Woe" equipments that can be upgraded when WoE officially starts. And also, we are not forgetting the costumes (everyone loves costumes), so we will be somehow relating the tokens from BG for costumes. How? Stay tuned for it! 😉
  3. Moved to Questions from News. Hey @Toushirou, thanks for asking, first things first, if by iRO you meant renewal, then no, it's another setting, we are on Zero. And we really can't follow Ragnarok Transcendence (iRO Zero) since we've got a head start from them to be honest. What we're following is kRO:Zero Official. And adding/improving upon the base core mechanics of Zero. When I say adding/improving, this doesn't mean pure customized, but rather QoL improvements on top of a said Core Zero Mechanic (see instance drops rewards as an example, we tailored it so it'll be better than official). If asking the plans, we have Christmas Events incoming this month. BG is on the process of release/deployment (this is a custom feature since official Zero doesn't have BG yet), and WoE for 1st Quarter of 2020. Currently, a lot of bugs and fixes are being looked at and on pending status, Louyang Quest headgears are on the way, after that, full Yuno is expected (quests, and magma dungeon 3 fever map, along their fever equipments), and lastly, no ETA yet for Malangdo. I hope I gave you something to look forward to. Thanks again for asking! cc: @Hades @Stroheim
  4. Minato

    MVP Griefing

    I am locking this thread to prevent further flaming and also due to the judgement being passed.
  5. Minato

    MVP Griefing

    Hey @nanaboo, thanks for a report full of evidence. Basing from this rule: I don't see any other reason for the use of Land Protection skill other than the deliberate attempt to have the competing Crusader class' Grand Cross skill not to hit, and thus, "to distub other players from killing the MVP". Mob Skills on database: Skills of Drake doesn't have an AoE of some sort. And I know that they are knowledgeable players, and can't say that they're doing it for the protection of their party. Sorry to say to the reported characters but, this is guilty as charged for me. cc: @Hades, we really need to re-word this rule and have some examples around it. It seems that some of the players are actively testing us, even one of our streamers are streaming the video without knowing he's on the party that's breaking this rule. This is gonna be a recurring problem for us if they don't take this seriously. Well, punishment goes within your hand as always.
  6. Hello @Tony Storm, thanks for your suggestion, but it's missing in a sense that it is currently not ready yet, no need for a poll. You see, Zero Woe is different from all the pre-re/renewal. You can search all about it on google if you want. I am closing this poll since, again, it's coming when it's ready. Thanks for understanding!
  7. Hello @mateusestrela, Sorry but you can't launch the client on a VM due to security concerns. You can only launch it normally on a non-VM environment. If you can't launch it using wine on mac, I'm afraid you'd have to get yourself a windows based system. TLDR: Play it normally on windows like others would. Thanks!
  8. I am gonna lock this down since this has been resolved. And also, I am still on the process of drafting Forum rules to be implemented. Thanks for understanding!
  9. TBH, this is not my call. I'm still fighting for some item replacement on that day 24 though. The player-side of me has that feeling that you guys have. If bad comes to worse, I assure you all that Event II will be tons better.
  10. Set effects are not visible on item_db.txt, it's on another, @Kervaz.
  11. Food for thought. This was generally changed since this will be easily abused by you guys. We are still deliberating on what to replace it with. We have options on the table right now and will just pick out, and see the pros and cons on the current setup of the script, because something might get F'd up if we try something more complex. TL:DR, we are still on the process for this. Note: I foresaw this reaction from you guys. But this is still being handled, chill out for now. Event II is still on the way, and it's better than this, and Event III is drafted by me just now and pending for approval. Thanks for understanding! cc: @Hades @Stroheim
  12. Hi @I am Speed, If this is not on Zero, this won't happen, sorry. And phreeoni is supposed to be on a accessory slot, similar with official on Zero. Thanks for understanding!
  13. Could be good. Annoyed too when I was testing it. cc: @Hades @Stroheim
  14. Greetings! Christmas is just around the corner, and we have some gifts for you, lasting for the advent season this month. Visit Grandpa Advent in Prontera 146 162 for your daily gifts. Starting today, December 1, until December 24! But beware, you must commit to Grandpa Advent in visiting him since he is lonely and his grand kids aren't visiting him anymore. His gifts to you are all from his heart for you to be jolly this Holiday Season in Midgard! Day 1: 5 ea Salty Rice Cake Day 2: 5 ea White Slim Potion Box Day 3: 5 ea Yggdrasil Berry Day 4: 10 ea Gift Box Day 5: Boarding Halter Box7 Day 6: 10 ea Event Coin Day 7:Enriched Oridecon (You need to claim at least 3 days worth of items in order to claim)* Day 8: 3 ea Token Of Siegfried Day 9: Costume Santa Hat Day 10: Christmas Outfit Box Day 11: 5 ea Lutie Lady's Pancake Day 12: 5 ea Mastela Fruit Wine Day 13: 5 ea Spicy Fried Bao Day 14: Enriched Elunium (You need to claim at least 7 days worth of items in order to claim)* Day 15: 15 ea Event Coin Day 16: 5 ea Steamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin Day 17: 5 ea Green Salad Day 18: 5 ea Fried Scorpion Tails Day 19: Christmas Outfit Box Day 20: Costume Jumping Santa Poring (You need to claim at least 14 days worth of items in order to claim)* Day 21: 5 ea Token Of Siegfried Day 22: 2 eaEnriched Oridecon Day 23: 2 ea Enriched Elunium Day 24: 20 ea Event Coin This event is just the first one. Stay tuned for more r0nians! 😘 Note: You will only get the reward assigned to the day. Example: You missed the item on day 2, and you claimed on day 3, you'll only get the item for day 3, and day 2 item is lost. *If you didn't claim at least x days worth of items from Grandpa Advent, you won't be able to claim this item.
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