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  1. And may I ask how would you reach other players with the idea? This server doesn't need videos, there are a ton of already on youtube for anyone to search. It needs all the content and bugs to be solved and then finally published by it's owners. Give up rescuing something you have no control over.
  2. I'm deeply against this change. I understand that some players may be penalized by that but, in reality, we're going in an even worst direction. The refining mechanics are crucial in here and if end-game gears are put in question, such as the best Expedition gears and acessories, we're going to have an ABSURD increase on ore usage, and consequently, zeny. To be more specific on this thread: the particular chance of an armor going from +7 to +9 on normal ores is represented by: 20% * 20% = 4% The chance of an armor going from +7 to +9 on Enriched ores (and the original kRO:zero HD ores) is represented by: 40% * 40% = 16% As you can see, we're multiplying the efforts needed to get an +9 item by 4 TIMES, which is insanity if we are talking about already expensive and unnacessible stuff, let's remember that the flat cost of these stones are 1,75 million zenies. I strongly advise you to reconsider this change.
  3. Confirmed it to happen in hard mode too. Also confirmed the 3 egg kill starting the bug. teste1.webm
  4. Variant Maya's summoned dark GC's (the ones she starts spamming all over the screen), are NOT SHADOW type, which is causing them to deal damage even when using undead enchanted armors. source: https://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_GRANDDARKNESS
  5. ne0n

    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Andre; Character Name: ne0n; Main Job: Hunter; AFK Town: Aldebaran; Guild: none; Year Born: 1995; Gender: Male; Personalities: Introverted/Funny; Fruit that you Hate: none, I love fruits =); Animal that you Love: Dogs and hedgehogs; Favorite single player games: Nintendo64 games and Final Fantasy Tactics. Goal in Ragna0: Fun; What were you doing 1 hour ago: MVPing =P Other stuff you may add yourself here: I'm almost finishing my bachelors in Architecture 😃! Insert few selfies:
  6. I don't know... things are looking pretty grim for the server population right now. I really don't think this will result in any remarkable change. Maybe @Hades should reconsider the donations for charity (just in the next few months) for advertisement or something like that... I know it's bad but I don't see any other way out.
  7. Voted for option 2 just because Mithril is so rare and it's needed for basically everything endgame related such as blacksmith and expedition gears. However, I do agree with people above me, the price is too expensive. 3 million zeny is equal to almost 100 Oridecon (right now,) which means that it would very likely just be cheaper to spam refine than to make an enriched ore lol. 1 mil + more ores seems a lot more suitable
  8. I've done that already, haven't solved it 😞 It's most likely a cell bug
  9. You're not wrong but you're also not right! Just picture yourself soloing Endless Tower in any server... hard task right? This should be the same scenario in here. People are soloing dungeons right now because THEY CAN, it's easy and convenient, which should not be happening unless you have some serious end-game stuff. Just make it so it's not brain-dead easy and we'll see a lot of improvement on party grouping and item value.
  10. ne0n

    Charity #1

    Hades, you are the best!! Much much much love for this server!!
  11. Leveling til 50 right now is not really hard, it just takes a bit of time, which sounds fine for a low rate server. The quests are also really good in rewards and exp, encouraging people to roam in maps and not stay in one and only forever. Eden creates a mainstream and boring beggining, which I very much dislike. -1
  12. This is basically it. Sometimes when you put a trap of any kind, it will not be shoved by arrow shower, no matter in what direction you try to drag it. It requires to remove or to detonate the trap by damage to replace it, makes it very annoying against some MVP's. About steel body, shouldn't it be wearing off as you relog the character? Makes me wanna die when I missclick the skill or if I'm fighting for a short duration.
  13. Maybe implement a "Hard" mode for it? This way you don't have to remove the lv 60 cap for the regular one and it will also feel a little bit challenging since it's brain dead easy to do the actual one.
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