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  1. you said you wanna invite me? i knew i was a bad boi then
  2. yes please. you will be the star of the show.
  3. for me it doesn't matter if the level cap stay at 120 or stay at 99, as long as you implement trans soon.
  4. will talk to you later then in game. What's your IGN?
  5. Who said I can't MVP without rebirth job? If they implement rebirth, they will Solo MVP and destroy the point of MVPing ? What are you talking about? Even MVP should be done together with party members. Well, for example take a look at this MVP's Video with rebirth class. this is done with party members. Sorry I pick random shit video. Your turn now to post MVP video only using job 2.
  6. last time i checked you can "MVP" without "job 2" I never said you can't kill MVP without job 3. #7 By "job 2" i think you mean "job 3". typo whatever. Well excuse me, grammar police.
  7. Well, how else you have fun in this server? Can someone tell me? Cause I have no idea at all at this point. Leave it for server updates? Even GM's never online. Day after day, players are decreasing. Towns are pretty quiet.
  8. really now? What contents? It's easy. just add it all up. Have you ever play in other Private Servers? How many Private Servers have you play since now? I think not.. Have you done participating WoE other than this server (i mean participating decent WoE)? What about MVPing? It's NOT too early, most private servers launch their 2nd job on the first day they launched it.
  9. I know your guild since year 2015 or 2016 I guess? count me in.. still building my char, but it will be better soon.. Ever heard of guild CHKNFOOT? The one with chicken and peace logo? I was there mainly for MVP and WOE.
  10. As the title above, please implement job 2. Idea description: Implement Job 2 Why is it good? Of course it's good. As in other Private Servers did, Players here want to kill MVP a lot easier with job 2, and not to mention, WoE will be more exiting with job 2. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? no Will it affect any of our core systems? no, such what? If we deny it, what might happen? You will lose players, players tend to have fun with MVPing or doing challenges like WoE in job 2, not participating in your daily silly NPC's game. trust me. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? The answer is both players and server will get benefits. For server, you will get more players come in
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