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  1. GG party with people is more fun than soloing
  2. so we can get free butterflywing every 30 min
  3. HeavyRain

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    IRL Nick Name : Budhi Character Name :HeavyRain Main Job : Priest AFK Town : alone Payon, With Guild Aldebaran Guild : Indomie Year Born : 1997 Gender :male Personalities : extrovert Fruit that you Hate: DURIAN Animal that you Love : cat/dog Inside RO : chochon or poring Favorite single player games : dota 2(not play anymore) Goal in Ragna0 : WoE, kill MvP (if I can kill using priest), back to live, play with friend. What were you doing 1 hour ago : just login, and looking for intrument Other stuff you may add yourself here : nothingness Insert few selfies : Insert your favorite meme : don't have, I love all meme
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