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  1. Hi 0nians, It has been almost a year since our initial launch, and we hope that you enjoyed it. Our initial aim was to bring the Zero experience to the RO fanbase. However, we found that some changes in Zero mechanics were required to cater for population difference with the actual Zero. While we will release more zero content in future, we may adapt them with player interests in mind. As for our future, we plan to release a new ragna0 server called 'lif' which will be a Transcendence server (Max Level 120). Marking a new beginning, it also comes with improvement and tweaks to the overall PvE experience. We are currently in development of the new server, which will be released as Open Beta for a week or two to test the new features (wipe new server, lif before release). The existing server will be called 'aesir' and will receive regular event patches. Website registration will be disabled (in future will be reenabled for 'lif'.) For those who stayed and kept believing in us, we owe it to you guys. Rest assured that we'll keep on improving the experience! The following are our plans for the new server 'Lif': General • Exp Rates: o 5/5/3 • Penalty o Level-difference penalty (upper & lower) o No item drop penalty • Death Penalty: o Reduced from 10% to 5% Newbie Friendly • in-depth Tutorial on Zero Features & Server Features • Navigation to crucial Town NPCs o Quest NPCs (Union, Kingdom, Dailies) o Crafting NPCs o Prontera Castle • Command to check info on mob amount & location • First Aid Kit content revamp (Newbie friendly package) • Kingdom Coin boosts (For newbie QoL improvement) • Higher availability of Battle manuals (thru events) • Daily Gacha (Lottery) o UniqueID based o Includes rare items (CE, OCA, Refinement Ore) o Buff Potions, Healing items MvP Ranking (Weekly) • MvP options buffed (more common 3 options) • Points per MvP kill: o Instance MvP excluded o Weekly Ranking rewards (claimable via NPC) Instance • Separate ‘Easy, Normal, Hard’ modes for all Zero instances • Separate CD for all 3 modes (this is to not waste a day and improve time-gated gear progression) • Weekly Instance Ranking (fastest completion) Alchemist/Blacksmith Ranking • Reset monthly • rewards to top 10 monthly PvP/BG/WoE PvP • Part of hourly event rotation • Announcer • Weekly PvP ranking & rewards for rank obtained BG • Minimum 3/4/4 (KvM/Flav/Tierra) to begin • Happy hours (2x Rewards) • BG Shop WoE • To release within 1-2 weeks of server reopen • WoE Point for participating Refinement • To improve obtainability of +7 gears • To introduce Blacksmith Blessing • Revisit cost of Enriched & HD ores • Refinement Events (rate increase) • retaining +4 safe limit Daily Weekly Monthly Quests • Hunting, Item collection, Instance completion • Daily Rewards: Exp (BM), Refinement Ores, • Weekly: Equipment • Monthly: CE, OCA, etc Zelstar • Zelstar Pouch (random 10-20 Zelstars) • Higher drop rate from champions: o 1-40: 15% Zelstar Pouch o 40-70: 20% Zelstar Pouch o 70+: 25% Zelstar Pouch • Drop from MvPs o Normal-Easy MvPs: 1x100% Zelstar Pouch o Normal-Med MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch o Normal-Hard MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch o Fever MvPs: 3x75% Zelstar Pouch o Instance MvPs (none) • Obtained at high cost/random from the following: o Events o PvP o BG o WoE o Quests o Attendance Union: • Union token boost • Better navigation • Darkness Shadow related NPCs to move to Morocc • Union shop items Events: • New event every 2 weeks • Hourly Events to include PvP (mentioned above) • Addition of new hourly events Achievement System • Account based • Better rewards Others • Max level aura quest • Zero crafting material adjustment • Expedition Equipment enchant cost reduction • Channels for PvP, BG, Events, Instance (able to join/leave) • ...More details soon! Cash Shop • 50% battle manuals from hunting pack will be replaced by the 100% ones • Costume eggs containing random content o Costumes, Buff Potions • Individual cash-shop-only costumes • Consumables (High cost, Account bound) • All Cash Shop items (except CE) will be obtainable ingame. If you have any feedback, you're welcomed to share it.
  2. Event Valentine's Event has ended St Patrick's Event has begun! Find St Patrick's Event Guide in Prontera to seek out the event NPCs: Collect raw ingredients for the Brewmasters to make Pretzels (and some exp) which can be exchanged for various rewards: Quest cooldown: 3 hours War of Emperium Disabled until further notice. Castle owners will reset on 29/3 Item Infinity fly wing now storable
  3. Event Conclusion of Valentine's event Event to end on 15/3 (Sunday) Commands implemented Battlestats Displays basic stats and damage & reduction modifiers. Monster Reduced respawn time of the following mini bosses Giant Whisper Ghostring Eclipse Mastering Vagabond Wolf Champion/Fever Mini/Boss spawn to be on same cell as player Pets Enabled autofeed to all pets
  4. For starters, we have boosted potion healing bonus of rank 1~5 brewers from 50% to 75%.
  5. Valentine's Event Revamped Romeo to give 3 tier hunting quests: Hunting quests will involve hunting event monsters "Teddy Bear", which are spawned in various dungeons Lv1~40 (Easy - Hunt Petite Teddy Bear) Lv41~70 (Normal - Hunt Moody Teddy Bear) Lv71++ (Hard - Hunt Sacred Teddy Bear) 'Romeo' will give information on exact spawn locations of the 'Teddy Bears'. We are in progress of updating the quest info in ALT + Q. 'Hearts' item is now tradable ***This item and its related shops/NPCs will be deleted after the event ends. Elite Fashionista Previews available costumes Input the name of the costume headgear/garment in partial or full to begin. Ranked Potion Bonus Initial boost for top 5 brewers. Ranks 1-5 bonus: +75% Healing Ranks 6-10 bonus: +50% healing (unchanged)
  6. We are also planning to improve accessibility of the quests in a upcoming patch
  7. Valentine's Day Event Valentine's Guide Provides navigation to key event NPC locations. Romeo Complete daily hunting quests to earn random amount of Heart Heart can be used to purchase goodies at 'Passionate Cupid Shop'. Juliet Bring her various 'hearts' to exchange 'Gift Baskets' from her 'Gift Basket' may contain chocolates, Jello Stones or Zelstar. Max 5 daily exchanges per account Valentine Emissary Summons a random monster outside the town she's located at, at a cost of 50 x 'Hearts'. She is stationed in the following towns: Prontera Payon Aldebaran Geffen Morocc NPC Implement Change Cart II quest. Talk to 'Tuner Gaijo' in Eden Group to begin. New Cart designs! Requires Kingdom Guild Coin to learn. Fixed issue where players can get stuck with Expedition NPC. Adjusted ratio of 1st/2nd class enchants to 1:2 Simplified Ninja job change quest as per official Zero. Modified reward to +5 Asura.
  8. Our current plan is: Ranks 1-5: +75% Healing Ranks 6-10: +50% Healing
  9. We have since implemented map rotation for PvP, between old Izlude and old Payon. What other maps would you guys like?
  10. You mean something like exchanging 10 "Jello X" to 1 "Jello Y"?
  11. Closed as issue has been reported in bugs report section and addressed
  12. Ranked slims have a 50% bonus to healing. Your suggestion would mean increasing the bonus to something like 75%? It could a way to encourage alchemists to get ranked. Would like to see if others have any opinions on this suggestion.
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