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  1. Stroheim

    You are missed.

    We have yet to add it. Will be implemented in today maintenance.
  2. We have moved the Poring Village lower HGs enchantment to a NPC near the entrance NPC as per official. and we re-added the Expedition gear to the list.
  3. Hi there, only Fever gears such as Oak Armor or Desert Leather can get the 3 Fever Options.
  4. Changed Status to Resolved
  5. Level Up Rewards Now included into "First Aid Kit", which is obtainable from creating 1/1 Novice. Existing characters will receive a first aid kit relative to their level . E.g. Lv54 Char will receive "First Aid Kit (Lv55)". Using a "First Aid Kit (Lv55)" would grant you a "First Aid Kit (Lv60)" along with the contents of "First Aid Kit (Lv55)". Mobs Added missing skills to Champion Monsters. Removed summon slave skills from Fever bosses. Skills Fixed brewing/Crafting to not create "Potions/Ores with options".
  6. Stroheim

    Coco Spawn

    Changed Status to Resolved
  7. Stroheim

    Coco Spawn

    gef_fild09 will have Solid Coco as it's spawn. To be updated next pathc.
  8. Changed Status to Resolved
  9. Changed Status to Resolved
  10. Changed Status to Resolved
  11. Changed Status to Resolved
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