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  1. Hey there, we are planning on implementing QoL suggestions such as blacksmith point degradations. also considering the other suggestions too.
  2. Changed Status to Resolved
  3. Stroheim

    Yoyo Egg, Drops Egg

    Changed Status to Resolved
  4. NPC Implemented Official Kingdom Guild NPCs at all 1st Job Guilds (Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Acolyte, Archer, Mage & Ninja) Guild Trainer: Access to hidden leveling spot [Lv 1 - Lv21] Daily Quest Quests to earn Guild coins Bonus rewards when completing quests at own Job Guild. Guild coins can be used to purchase equipment, enchantment and reset enchantment. Low-Lvl Equip Trader (Armor, Garment, Footgear, Shield) Low-Grade Easy Set (Lv1+) Mid-Grade Easy Set (Lv20+) High-Grade Easy Set (Lv30+) High-Lvl Equip Trader (Armor, Garment, Footgear, Shield) Low-Grade Kingdom Set (Lv40+) Mid-Grade Kingdom Set (Lv50+) High-Grade Kingdom Set (Lv60+) Enchanter Provides enchantment and reset services for Easy Equips Enchantment given depends on Job Guild where enchanter is located. Kingdom Enchanter Provides enchantment and reset services for Kingdom Equips Enchantment of random stat 1~3. Vending Machine Exchanges Novice gear for Kafra Storage Tickets. Trade Kafra Storage Tickets for newbie supplies. Fixed Disguise Event issue: Mob Increased Sidewinder spawn rate in Mjolnir3 to 100 from 35 Corrected GtB Skill Usage: Fixed Pets not giving cordial bonuses Item Fixed Sakkat not upgradable: Skills Fixed Alchemist's Marine Sphere misbehavior:
  5. Changed Status to Resolved
  6. Changed Status to Resolved
  7. Other than Assumptio, does he use other skills, like Mammonite?
  8. This will be addressed with a hotfix.
  9. Thank you @Minato for the feedback. We will address each point in our announcement.
  10. Stroheim

    Patch 2 Preview

    Hi 0nians, we are in the midst of reorganizing and delivering new content. Following are our incoming features & their tentative timelines: Paradise (Eden) Group Quests Introduction quest from Academy. Champion hunting quests (Rewards Exp) To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Kingdom 1-1 Guild Quest New Exp dailies New class specific equipment set New Leveling map. To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Amatsu Quests Headgear Creation Instance To be implemented 28/10/2019 Louyang Quests Headgear Creation Instance To be implemented 28/10/2019 Yuno Magma Dungeon equipment. To be implemented Early November. Malangdo Dungeon Quests To be implemented Late November. To keep reported bugs at a minimum, we decided to implement: Biweekly Hotfix Maintenance Mainly Item & Mob & NPC fixes To be performed on Monday & Thursday every week. Onian Test Team & Test Server Test server to be 'Open to All' on 21/10/2019 Major patch release in Test Server prior to release in main server. New channel 'Testing Report' in Discord for testers to report their findings. Test server commands @blvl @jlvl @job @heal @monster @killmonster Test server features Item giver NPC Leveling To make leveling friendlier, we plan to make the following changes: Zero quests have their Exp reward boost by 50% Death penalty reduced from -10% to -5%. To boost value of instances & fever fields, we decided on the following modifications: Instance Rewards Instance rewards boost beyond official caps. New minimum reward amount: Current maximum limit New maximum reward amount: 3x Current maximum limit To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Equipment Crafting Reduced requirements of crafting Zero Headgears by 30% To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Fever Field Reduced Boss summon requirement. Details coming soon. To be implemented on 14/10/2019 To provide eventful activities, we plan to enable the following: Battlegrounds Classic KvM, Tierra & Flav. To be enabled in early November. GM Team Recruitment Stay tuned for more details!
  11. NPC Reduced frequency of maids broadcasting messages. Corrected Prontera West Warp. Removed possibility of drawing repeated costume (of that week) form Gelstar Lottery. Monster Furious Shinobi will drop Ninja Suit with options. Item Fixed Jewel Shield missing +9 refine checks when giving Shield Boomerang bonus.
  12. It should give you the full bonus (+9 Crit) if you raise it's intimacy further. We are still checking on the missing pet bonuses before loyal.
  13. Currently, it's giving the +9 bonus without the +9 requirement. Fixed the shield to have the +9 requirement to give the 30% skill damage.
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