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  1. As I suggested before (few months ago), rates (Exp and Drop) should be inversely proportional to the ammount of players online. More players = LOWER rates, less players = HIGHER Rates. Why? Lower rates RO Server are meant to be played by THOUSAND of players so the 1/10.000 chance of getting a card can be proc more times since more players are killing monsters. Also with more players playing, its easy to get a party to level up, and you get exp faster that way. Leveling solo on a 5/5/3 rates server is ultra boring. People are bored to this server because they have to spend 2 week to drop a single card. Maybe because no one has it to sell and when they have the price is too high and they have to spend 5+ hours farming harpies to buy it. If players can't achieve nothing, (w/e playing alone or in parties), they will leave. New player routine on ragna0: - Start a new char - Do the initial quests - Get char to level 30 - Try to get party - Fail - Level solo to 50 - Try to get party - Fail - Try to farm on harder places - Fail - Try to get party to farm harder places because exp sucks solo - Fail - Keeps the boring leveling getting 0.5% exp per mob killing 1 by 1 - Reach level 60 - Try to do hodes alone - Fail - Try to find party to hodes -- if you are wizard/priest/mobber you have a chance -- else: Fail - Get bored farming orcs till level 70 - Reach level 80 solo in 3 weeks without a single card or good equipment drop - Try to get a party - Fail - Leave the server
  2. Here on Ragna0 players can choose between several gears with many options for their builds. The hard part is to summarize all this information to check if your build needs adjustment or new gear. @battlestats is a custom command where players can check the sum of their options on gears. Many servers implement it, showing on chat several information that are not shown on ALT+A like: - Total ATK Power (Based on Atk Formula) - Total MATK Power (Based on Matk Formula) - Total Defense % (Based on hard DEF Formula) - Total % delay after attack reduction - Total +% damage on X Race - Total +% damage on X Element - Total +% damage on X Size - Total % Reduction on X Race - Total % Reduction on X Element - Total % Reduction on X Size This can be helpfull to bugfix gear combo sets or hidden properties
  3. Wow nice finding! Can you say if on kRO the "endless tripple attack" occurs as well? I mean, when tripple occurs to happen in 3 following attacks for instance, the chain combo will be activated only on the last one? The real problem with this skill is not the activation time, but the bug where if you happen to tripple attack more than once, you cant chain combo on the first one, only on the last one Ive noticed on the video you posted from kRO, that after a tripple attack occurs the character seems to stop a little (not hitting again which could cause a new tripple attack and subsequent delay to activate chain combo)
  4. There's no "100ms delay" on tripple attack There's a delay AFTER the tripple attack ends to START the chain combo if you havent started it earlier. HOW IT SHOULD WORK hit hit hit tripple attack hit | | | | | |+++++++++++++++| /\ this entire +++ area should allow the casting of chain combo Whats happening on Ragna0 (WRONG): hit hit hit tripple attack hit | | | | | [--------------]|+++++++++++++++| /\ /\ delay allows chain combo Example 2: hit hit hit tripple attack tripple attack tripple attack hit | | | | | | | [---------------------------------------------------------]|+++++++++++++++| /\ /\ delay allows chain combo
  5. Sill not working properly, i have to wait the Tripple attack to end to start Chain Combo. It should let me cast chain combo as soon tripple attack happens, even simultaneously with the tripple attack. (Like the video on the first response on this topic made by me).
  6. Gelstar is not "pay to win", its pay to pay less (zeny). Its a help not a guarantee that you'll get it done. Everything you can get with gelstar you can also get with quests/events/spendingwholedaysfarmingforstuffwhileyourlifetimerunsoutuntilyourealisethatyearsarepassingbyandyoujustwasteyourtimekillingthesamemonsterforzeny
  7. What is Gelstar? * Gelstar is a kRO:Z Cash shop currency that allows players to use on enchantments to reduce the Zeny or Mithril cost, and also can be used to buy costume coupons.
  8. Hey guys, how are you doing? In your opinion, what's the best class for farming poring village solo? I've noticed some people farm there using Kunai Ninjas, others using Brandish Knights... I usually farm there using a level 59 Agi/Int mage (which I delevel to 0% every time i run the instance dying several times after finishing it).
  9. On Ragna0 you can reach very high VCast reduction with GEAR + Buffs For instance: -Staff -10% -Headgear -10% -Clock Tower Manager -5% -Expedition Robe I -15% -Suffragium -20% -Poem of Bragi -20% Total = 80% vcast reduction by gear + buffs. Lets suppose you are casting a skill with 5 seconds Variable cast only Only with gear and buffs you'll cast it in 1 Second. With 130 int and 1 dex, you'll cast it in 0.51 Seconds (80% from buffs + 49.87~% reduction by stats) With 130 int AND 130 dex, you will cast it in 0.14 seconds (80% from buffs + 86~% reduction by stats) As you can see, the difference between having 1 DEX and 130 DEX is almost 70% of the relative formula, but In terms of total cast time its only 0.37 seconds. As a Wizard for instance, Dex is totally negligible, and once you have high end gear you can ignore dex (or at least invest less points on it)
  10. To fix this they have to change the Skill effect of Sonic blow to be the same as any other skill (like evenom, cure poison, Steal). So when you cast sonic blow while attacking the skill effect wont proc (Like owl duke lightning bolt effect when attack)
  11. Tiburcio

    Patch Notes 1.9

    Awesome! That cursed grimtooth so frking OP /slur
  12. @Hades now moonlight dagger works for skills but not for basic attacks 😣
  13. Best falconer build: 99 agi 40 ~ 60 dex 70 ~ 80 luk Highest falcon damage, aspd and falcon proc chance
  14. Wizard: - Storm Gust Cooldown is 4.7 - Meteor Storm Cooldown is 2 - Lord of Vermilion Cooldown is 2 Every jobs: - All skills that previously had skill delay greater than 0.3 seconds, now have fixed 0.3 second skill delay.
  15. @Hades I've tested it out again, but it's still bugged. I cannot use Chain Combo right after Tripple Attack when the tripple happens twice or more times in a row... This can be a problem, specially in Woe Scenarios on Zero config where monks rely on Combo to be effective at Woe (Combo asura). Can you add a specific check allowing to cast Chain Combo anytime since a Tripple attack occurs, not having to wait it end?
  16. As we know, things changed a bit in the last months. Many people joined the server, many are having fun and enjoying the server, but there's a portion of those new players (and entire guilds) that are clearly being troll and toxic. Not playing to have fun, but playing to destroy fun of others. I've noticed that even after getting banned for bad behaviour, some of those players arent even feeling guilty... Some of them even increase the bad behaviour being worse than before. Sounds like 1~3 Day starting ban is not enough for regretting. Increase the penalty to start at least 1 week ban for anti-gameplay (mvp griefing, mobtrain, offenses) and also make it to be increasingly hard to deal with. Something like starting 1 week, then 1 month, then general block (IP/HardwareID).
  17. For the actual max blevel being 99, class 2-1 and 2-2 only... 3x seems ok, but after level 100 (once transclasses are implemented) reaching 120 is ULTRA HARD. (5 minutes hunting to get 0.01% exp on averrage ). So I vote to keep it 5x.
  18. There`s a delay check after tripple attack that allows players to cast chain combo (its basic delay is 0.3 sec but reduces with aspd). This delay seems to be overriden by the next tripple attack proc on Ragna0, and it shouldnt... I believe its something related to the new "0.3 sec delay on all skills" maybe its affecting ranging tripple blow after its initial proc (not allowing players to cast chain combo due the 0.3 delay of all skills)
  19. Those hats from Clock Tower are like godlike content on kRO:Zero, they are 10 times more expensive than a +9 Enchanted Expedition armor. (Hat costs 110kk, +9 armor costs 10kk) You dont want everyone to have it. it should be hard to get.
  20. The maximum after cast delay of all skills should be fixed to 0.3 sec. Screenshot taken from kRO:Zero devnotes website: Here on Ragna0 there are many skills that have higher after cast delay compared to kRO:Zero. Ex: Suffragium, Impositio Manus, Earth Spike, Fire Ball....
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