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  1. The maximum after cast delay of all skills should be fixed to 0.3 sec. Screenshot taken from kRO:Zero devnotes website: Here on Ragna0 there are many skills that have higher after cast delay compared to kRO:Zero. Ex: Suffragium, Impositio Manus, Earth Spike, Fire Ball....
  2. Just by setting safe limit to 100% until +4 for armors using normal ores, you naturally increase the chance of having a +7 item by 55% (from 9% to 14%). Since we can get a lot of enriched ores over this, having a +10 item would need less than half materials. Thats a HUGE difference, and I don't believe its a good change for the future of the server
  3. STR/AGI melee Auto Attack knights have no love in a party, Battle priests have no love in a party Wizards that cant control giant mobs, have no love in a party Battle dancers that use Lady luck to improve their critical melee attacks instead of Gypsy's Kiss to improve SP of party members have no love in a party You may say, "Oh but you are saying that they have no love because they are using the wrong build for a party leveling, that's for soloing stuff", tell you what? Yes. Assassin is the only class that can do a LOT of damage to giant mobs while other players are luring without dragging a single one aggro for them or throwing them into other party members (things that missplaced brandish spears and storm gust do).
  4. I've suggested another topic where rates should be higher of fewer players are online. Got a massive rejection. Why? Well, people wants to only benefit for themselves, if more players log in at weekends and they play more on weekends, they dont want to lose their benefit. Its like : "not my problem, I just want to log in in a saturday night which is the day I can play and get benefit from bonus exp. If server drops to 10 ~ 20 poupulation during the week, not my problem, I just play on saturdays." This suggestion is more like a social experiment to see if people think in the good of the server, or just themselves. I guess we can get the result here. I also voted NO for this suggestion.
  5. On kRO:Zero, AOE skills that hit multiple times can hit Plant like monsters (red/gray musrhoom, culvert instance eggs, fallen orc hero plants in Memorial Orcs instance, blue/white/red/yellow/shining herb)
  6. This skill applies only 1 of each effect at random rates. So that +20 status atk must be when you got that +15 allstats maybe? ___________________________ +20% DAMAGE / MAGICAL DAMAGE is different from +20% ATK / MATK +20% atk / matk apply only at your equipment atk/matk increasing the damage sightly and its visible on your stats window +20% Damage / magical damage applies to the whole damage at the final, increasing the final damage (before reductions) in 20% (Very powerfull mod)
  7. I'ts comulative with all increase SP%, so if you have +15% from cards and use service for you, it will ad 20% to those 15% = +35% 135% from 115% =~ 17% increase Same applies to all formulas in RO. At least formulas that use the same multiplier (for instance: ncrease hp %, increase SP %, increase ASPD %...)
  8. Idea description: Allow players to create shops in prontera instead of Alberta Why is it good? Prontera is the capital of Rune Midgard, since the start of the game in 2002 players are used to it being full of shops just like a real market street. Shops on secondary town like Alberta turns the Prontera capital so empty and cold 🥶 Even the Anime "Ragnarok the Animation" states prontera as the city of the player markets How urgent is this rate 1-10: 200 Will it affect our economy? No Will it affect any of our core systems? No If we deny it, what might happen? People will still have to get used with a empty and sad prontera If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Everyone You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Yes
  9. Idea description: Floating rates to incentive players to play more and heat up the game community Why is it good? This will help server gather a higher population since rates will increase based on ammount of players How urgent is this rate 1-10: 2 Will it affect our economy? Yes, since it probably increase the supply reducing price of most previously "rare" items Will it affect any of our core systems? Yes, the EXP and Drop rate ones. If we deny it, what might happen? Nothing, server will just be fine. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Everyone who want to want to get benefit of leveling faster and get better items without having to farm for months If we accept it, what can possibly go wrong? When there are less players online (for several reasons, timezones for instance), exp and drops will reduce and further cut the incentive of playing, creating the feeling of : "I dont want to play this because no one is playing anymore and exp bonus is almost zero" or "ew, bonus exp is crap, -> open chat -> 'BRB when more players are online' ".
  10. Interesting, idea @Hades havent think about it. #edit removed drama text
  11. It's strange how people reject dynamic rates based on ammount of players online, which will only help to have an active community. #edit remove drama text
  12. @Hades I created that but some players dont want to deppend on another variables like online players, they just want to benefit only when they can be online like on weekends etc, they dont think on server health overall. As I said increasing the rates while less players are online will indirectly raise the ammount of players online because everyone wants to get a bonus exp, even if no one is online. But as soon people start to think that way and login to get benefit from more exp, no more "Desert hours" will hapen unlike the "Double exp weekend" where people will just abandon server from Mon - Fri and just play on saturday with parties like "Recruiting only 1hit kill for MEGA EXP PARTY ON DOUBLE XP EVENT!!! Got Bard and Dancer for mr kim!!! 1minute afk = Kick!! No dmg = Kick!!" My topic about dynamic rates based on players online is open on suggestion board
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