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  1. Can someone confirm Swift Coco give boots[1]+option? Been hunting two days, killed more than 10 sc and didn't drop it. Greetings.
  2. Well yes indeed, single target classes such as Hunter. You need to kill your enemy, walk towards the item and then pick it, meanwhile a Knight mobs and picks several items at once. We alredy have some comodities (skill/stat point resets, card deatach), I don't think autoloot goes against the spirit of the game. Greetings.
  3. Why is it good? 1) Prevent Stealing Admit it, it will happen, you will kill a mob and someone is going to take your loot, even maybe a card! 2) Promoves Diversity of Characters. Most popular chaaracters for grinding are the ones who can AOE (Knight, Wizard), there is another aproach to grinding; single fast killing character (Assassin, Hunter) but withou autoloot those characters are not viable enought therefore less people are going to play those clases. 3) Server Atractiveness UP!! This will add even more to the list of cool features Ragna0 alredy poses, because if we want something that is more players!
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