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  1. BlanCZ

    Smokie Egg

    Hi! I am having the same issue. Furthermore, Smokie should give perfect hide helping Hide away from demons and insects, but that is not working either. 😞
  2. BlanCZ

    Ragna0 endgame?

    Oh, great! Much motivation - will be looking forward! 🙂 Thx
  3. BlanCZ

    Self Introduction

    Character Name: BlanCZ Main Job: Assassin AFK Town: Aldebaran/Geffen Guild: n/a Year Born: 1989 Gender: Male Personalities: Single Fruit that you Hate: Papaya Animal that you Love: Smokey Favorite single player games: Final fantasy Goal in Ragna0: Experience nostalgia of ages past. What were you doing 1 hour ago: Hunting Side winder card. Other stuff you may add yourself here: I played on a 1/1/1 private server for 6 years experiencing release of Trans classes and Renewal. Insert few selfies: (if you want)
  4. BlanCZ

    Ragna0 endgame?

    Hello guys, I have been playing with you for a few days having fun leveling my character and then it struck me: What is the endgame on this server? I mean what is even the purpose of guilds if there is no PvP or GW? I remember when playing years ago on a 1/1/1 that GW (WoE) was the overall goal, the glory of owning a castle and killing other people. What to strive for here? I guess the answers to this questions depend on personal opinions, but I would be happy to hear them. Thanks!
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