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  1. As I said on Discord earlier today, I do believe it certainly should be a challenge, and an fairly major accomplishment, but right now it's basically disgruntling ... as a player of one of the classes that aren't currently very high tier/high demand at least. As for the equipment and zone changes coming soon, time will tell... 🙂
  2. I do like that idea. One of the reasons I'm not grinding as much anymore is because I feel it is rather tedious as a 'sin. (on my last server, which had only slightly higher rates than the ones currently active (3.9x effective ending tonight -- the pace of leveling my 98 rogue to 99 felt hardly slower than my current pace at 92. didn't feel that bad at all honestly even at such a late point. and that's on a server where rogues were much weaker and had little AOE compared to here XD as well as no options or renewal mechanics.) If I could at least log in one or two hours a day and do some daily quests for extra EXP if I wasn't going to play more than that that day, that'd be glorious. 😎
  3. Ciel Noir

    Streamer's Stream

    What if we would really like to participate and contribute to this idea, fit very well the description but don't have 100 followers? I certainly doubt anyone in the current community has 500 or 1000+ followers and it'd certainly be interesting if active streamers that don't fit that criteria could fit in somewhere :)....
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    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Don't have. (seriously) Character Name: Ciel Noir Main Job: Assassin AFK Town: Geffen Guild: SideQuest Year Born: 1986 >). Gender: Male Personalities: Chill. Fruit that you Hate: Green melon in fruit salads. Animal that you Love: Ravens Favorite single player games: Mega Man, Final Fantasy, CrossCode, Stardew Valley, Baba Is You... Goal in Ragna0: Becoming a good 'sin. 😞 What were you doing 1 hour ago: Just waking up. Other stuff you may add yourself here: Insert few selfies: (if you want) Insert your favorite meme:
  5. Kind of makes you want to wait for enriched doesn't it? /slur edit: had the wrong formula for Attempts-To-+9. my bad. please do notify me if something doesn't add up. i double-checked everything but you never know.
  6. step 1. farm SS cards, sidewinder card and a good jur. step 2. enjoy a brief moment of bliss as you finally hear dem crits start dropping like kuh-rayyyy-Z. step 3. ???? step 4. abandon all hope. 🤣 (yes, this chart proves that it's mathematically impossible to reach 99 'sin.)
  7. Alberta doesn't have a governor; it's not part of the US yet. they have a prime minister. 😄
  8. happens to me all the time as a 'sin. i have 12 ping so latency is not an issue. but either i will click a mob and just stand there for a second before attacking, or if i'm attacking multiple mobs there will be a delay before i switch targets. no clue what the issue is, i figured it's just how the game was programmed but there may be a fix ... will have to look into it.
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