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  1. ah cool okay almost done XD
  2. sweet thanks so much for your help. it inspires me to help increase the quality of the server. following your instructions carefully now... lol I should run the powershell from within the game directory. is that what you're saying there in the asterisk?
  3. ooo tasty.. because my performance with the 4k pack is unplayable for me,and im tweaking things left and right to get things to sit right and its just herky jerky and all kindsa wrong, even though i can finally use my gpu.. depressing XD
  4. this has been really tough to think about because the server does have such an evenly split demographic. i've been pondering it for a while and its looking like your 2am wed and 2pm sat might be the highest availability for everyone as a whole. I'm not even sure if i can make it, but i'm not really in the most favorable timezone, so its not about that. im wondering what window will be the most possible for our east-Asian comrades. so before i vote on the poll, ill agree to hades proposal, first. edit : something about moving those both up an hour seems worth considering.
  5. .Well to enjoy the game in a similar way would be to get into playing priests and alchemists 😝. General blue is the top ranked alchemist on the server and Is enjoying one of the neediest heals on the server. Two facts which mean absolutely nothing on thos particular server. It's hard to say but with the current config, this is the most unbalanced server I've ever played. I still love this server though and I have nothing but very high aspirations for ragna0. I was serious when i said this could be the #1 zero server on the planet. But we have a lot of very smart, very "RO-oriented" minds that have been on countless servers amd watched what works and what kills servers. I'm not feeling the 10% community suggestion is being validated, and that's not an attack just an observation of many of our attempts to realign the server. We never got the vending bug fixed, we never fixed items randomly disappearing from item switches and general blue still hasnt gotten his costume ticket I back. Cooking stat foods is ten kinds of screwed up and I could swear by looking at the numbers white syrups are a trans class based item.
  6. On the stat drinks I dont see a reason to even want to make the drinks entry level friendly. It takes all the value out. Its gotta be possible, but not evil or way too easily grindable. They arnt really for entry level players so why try to water down the acquisition?
  7. There seems to be no effort taken to see what else is going on in kro0 that makes this all balanced cuz we seem to have only a piece of the picture, but we have to pretend like the piece that we have is actually just the way it should be even of it's either just this or all the other content. For example, if I am given 1/4of the total pieces of a puzzle of a dog, and I can only finish enough to see his ass. I wouldnt say "well I'm sure its basically the same as if I had everything else, this is probably just an ass-puzzle and if I had the rest it would probably just be more dog butt." Syrups might be a core mechanic of kro0, but implementing it by itself without anything to balance out its effects on the entire game have gone completely unchecked. What if the price of white syrups are only what they are on kro0 as a direct response to the type of players there and they way they move the economy, and it had nothing to do with intrinsic value of the syrup but contextually it works with the rest of the content and community decisions on how to play. I promise very important factor are being overlooked, or havnt been discovered yet. I want to know very badly how players operate onkro0, not just their gear but why they choose to do things the way they do. I saw a video of a guy with mutliple stacks of white pots, not syrups. On this server that's an unintelligent decision, foolish even, but he didnt seem like an imbecile, so somewhere something is not the same between these two servers. It's not the mechanics we want to replicate, it's the server feel. The mechanics create a feel to the game and if we bring the mechanics but cant conjure the feeling, the mechanic has failed to translate in it's current format into balance. I'm not sure it's healthy for the server but I'm sure through curiosity we can find the tweaks tht bring all classes back into relevance.
  8. seems legit people have been talking about this for a while but nobody likes hunter enough to do anything about it. 😛
  9. Very interesting, is this different from the 4k pack that's in the ragna0 folder? I will try this when I get home
  10. vashuyasha

    Staff Recruitment!

    Vashuyasha. IGN vashuyasha GMT -8:00. Discord : vashuyasha
  11. Lets not forget that 500z for witches star sands is a pretty unrealistically low cost. Most people are compelled to charge over a thousand for the single items. Also some people are even being two faced about white herbs. They say syrups are God and we deserve this but then try to sell herbs for 400-500z like it has some intrinsic value still even though alchemist are a universally agreed to be useless now. Most people are compelled to charge over a thousand for the single starsands. White syrups dont make any sense at the moment. I mean we all get to enjoy free hp, but dude even full support priests are out of work. I have a really hard time believing kro0 is set up this way. There are other things going on somewhere that balance things out or the cash shop has really screwed up kro0 for non pay to win players? We agreed we wouldnt have a pay to win server, if kro0 has a pay to win cash shop we need to make adjustments. The game is easier now, yes. But Balanced? are people drunk on these syrups?
  12. Cant help but notice stacks of white pots instead of syrups. Also the other guy was holding just 2 syrups. Fixing the cooking system could make the stat foods a lot more available. Seems like people just want stuff too easily, we should have them, but we have a mechanic for stat food already, just make it work, duh.
  13. I think it's both important to investigate alchemists usefulness, as well as consider changing the price for balance. I dont see the white syrups doing anything at all for the server. People are acting like it's the only healing item in the game and that whites and blues dont destroy the alchemist economy which should already be up and running. If we cant raise the price of syrups, it doesn't make certain classes playable, it makes classes that were already okay with whites, dive further into solo ability. To me anything that heavily supports soloing is generally bad for the server. You can have a community of islands that never really become a players base. Alchemists and blacksmiths have multiple builds, forging and brewing is one of those builds and they've been wrecked for all usefullness. I dont know what kro zero does to circumnavigate this unbalance, but I get the feeling the community there doesn't have the same soloing boner that we do. And actually treat it like an mmorpg anyways. I always see someone in a party there unless they are showing off a build or something.
  14. Boo lukien. Were getting magma 3 but not card sets that are already 80% implemented but cant be utilized till 100% implemented.
  15. vashuyasha

    Christmas Boosts

    Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope everyone gets the most out of this event and makes their friends join the server to share the festivities!
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