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  1. I'm very happy to see this being addressed.
  2. I fully agree with steph's post. It's not worth the risk to let the server fester untill you think reait's ready, it won't be long before absolutely everyone quits, when that happens, people arnt going to want to join a server that is already months old and has nobody. I'm calling this a state of emergency. Hades dont let this slip through your fingers. Plenty of servers launch before they have all their desired content and the playerbase grows the ability to add content. We have about 30 people online (wtf) and some of those few were server developers that are willing to help however they can to add content to the server, push things along. Imagine if we still had 300 people online how easy it would be to get some of those people on board as developers if it were really that important. Basically @ hades I'm saying it's not important enough to wait for the content, because your team is small that's okay(but if it's that important please speed things up because your server is for sure dying while you think you are fixing it). A lot of people are smart, and can be up in arms about this bug or that update, this content they miss; but a lot more people are not smart, ragnarok is a social game and people will stay on a shitty server if there is a rich and vibrant community of characters to interact with. I think you have your priorities tunnel visioned. If you ask people who are still on the server as active players, why they are still here, I wonder what they would say? I dont think it would be because of content. My guess is that it would be because it's too late to jump ship because of the friendships and bonds they've already developed within the community. If they didnt have friends here, they wouldnt be here. Even people who solo farm all day will still brag to their guildies at the end of the day. I think that's the point of ragnarok first and foremost. Edit: you're also going to always want just a little more content. Don't fall for it, please look at what were saying. The server is ready for a population push, please! Edit #2: remember your good times news post? That's dead now. We didnt have content then, either. That was the business during that time, and we had even less then.
  3. i wouldn't really be happy with .1% drop rate, more dedicated players will reap the benefits on an unholy level compared to how much it would benefit the casual players. Cards were never supposed to be farm-able, it was a freak chance that you might get one. we all lived that way at one time. i would be comfortable with DOUBLING the card drop rate to .06%. i mean... its double. sometimes you walk into orc dungeon get a card on the first kill. sometimes it takes forever. we already have MVP cards on this young server. I just don't know, it seems like one of those things that would bite us in the ass later on.
  4. Idea description: It's time to market the server. It's missing some things but it's mainly just missing people at this point. Almost everyone on the ragna0 discord isnt even playing anymore, and we are losing people every day. I get the feeling that people are losing hope in the server coming back to life and being developed into a blossoming population. We all know this is a good server, but it's taking too long for it to be considered "launched" and it's starting to hurt people feelings, and they are bailing. Other people are leaving simply because the population has dwindled to the point of a totally stale economy. Why is it good? The server really just needs people to flourish. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 9 Will it affect our economy? Heavily and extremely activating it. Will it affect any of our core systems? Well it will change the server fundamentally by bringing the flow of items Into it's real balance If we deny it, what might happen? The server is already starting to go stale amd or will not become a functioning server. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Everyone who comes to see what this server is like, and the people who dedicated themselves to stay on the server. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Definitely Other inputs: Let's use the spare money from donations to kick-start the server, and let's do donation to charity after the server is alive, cuz right now.. it's just not. we have people voting for the server daily even without voting points just just try to keep the population afloat. I totally understand if the developers feel that the server isn't fully developed, but the clock is beginning to tick, hard. we have had hundreds of people on at one point and that wasn't for no reason. people are generally excited by the idea of this server. I, myself rejoined the ragnarok community after 10+ years of inactivity because the concept of this server was undeniably fascinating, and refreshing. like other private servers back in that day, i can easily see this population growing to larger than the official kRo population, if only we could effectively get the word out. I only have reddit to thank for finding the server because someone that was enthusiastic enough to explain what was going on over here. if had relied on the servers own advertising, I would have never, ever found it. and I've been on every single day since I joined(and I didn't even play RO, or any games anymore). I stayed quiet about this way too long, and I'm watching the server suffer as a result. it's had such momentum, and will continue to carry that momentum as long as people are more aware. i get the feeling most people haven't quit for having any grudge against the server itself, just that it was apparently dwindling, which effects everything about the server. the economy has stalemated, its not even worth putting a vend up at this point because there isn't anyone to buy that you cant just PM on your friends list. My guildmates took a vote themselves and left the server to play iRo, just because there were people there. if that isn't a wake up call, i don't know what is.
  5. .......whats your question.......
  6. Double EXP yugioh event. seriously though. these are server killing ideas. just as bad, the floating rates will KILL this server. its almost exactly the same as the double EXP weekend.
  7. this seems to be the wrong direction. in most games, they get harder for having more players. i sure as hell don't want a harder Ro, so ill just say no. if anything, i think exp should go up for having lower population, not raising for higher population, keeping the cap at where it is. this will encourage activity when the server is slow because there is an incentive to play when no one is on, it will make people want to try to hit the server outside peak times, i think it will eventually end up balancing log times, and most of the time there will be no bonus, but the fact that there is a chance will encourage players to play any time of day. and on this subject, i refer only to EXP, not drop rates. i don't want to change that at all. the more people try to play the server during slow times, the lower the bonus, and the server rebalances itself. its like a little thank you for playing RO during slow times. and will balance server activity hours. i dont think this will happen, but it makes more sense to me. i cant even begin to explain how bad of an idea this is. "hey are you logging on? ill log on too !" "hey is everyone getting on? ill get on!! EXP EXP" "party disbanding? you going? ill go too." "is everyone leaving? i guess ill go too." "hey im hunting a card and everyones leaving.. now theres no point.. logging off" "not enough people are on... why should i even bother to log in?"
  8. @jasony your comment is slightly irrelevant. equipment is not easy to refine, it never was, thats why we are getting enriched oris and elu. from your arguement, you should be against enriched ori and elu in the first place. getting weapons from +0 to +4 isnt OP, we even get a buff for refining over that number, so those numbers are not overpowered. the failure rate of those items are not correlating with what the current proposed success rate is. "have no success getting +5 on armors (broke more than 30 as of current situation and 5 of those didnt even get +1). " that is NOT 90% success rate, no matter how you slice it. that makes the statement untrue. basically the npc is wrong somehow.. remember he didn't break them doing a high-dangerous refine where he knows its dangerous, 90% is supposed to be "relatively safe", he never even got to a dangerous refine rate to try it. if your CRIT chance was 90, and you just didn't crit for like 30 hits, you'd say for sure "something is wrong". or if your crit was 90%, and you didnt crit for 15 hits, you could safely claim that the result was ten times worse than the claim. that's not a little unlucky or just kinda worse, that's entirely catastrophically different. another thing that seems really really weird is this; it feels basically no more scary to refine in the dangerous lvls because so many of us break +0 to +1 or +1 to +2, by the time you make it to something like +7, you've always dodged bullets and weirdly they don't seem to break that much more often at high refine rates, mostly we never even get there, once it gets there, it just happens or it doesn't, just like +1 to +2. I've broken way more +1 to +2 or +3 to +4 than i've broken taking +7 to +8, it almost feels like i succeed more doing a 60% refine rate. if i was eyeballing it, I'd say that the claimed 90% refine rate feels more like 70% max, 60% if your having a bad day. i would propose that either we bring back the safe refine rates, or at the very least, figure what is happening with these refining mechanics. if we test this on kRo: zero, will we see the same failure rate? i know it is "supposed to be" the same, but is it really? id really like someone to test this with low lvl weapons or something of little consequence on kro:0, just to double check. because if i'm honest, something feels really goofed. +7 armor seems like a freak freak chance in hell of happening. and some people have the resources to force that to happen, so some exist, but my proposal is that although someone with gazillions of resources can make it happen, most of us are SHREDDING the market by hoping we can refine it, and it's giving us false hope of success. I'm trying to word this is simply as possible. the mechanics seem broked. I feel this is why this member is asking for this. 90% suggests that we are very unlikely to break it, but the reality for us, as far as i can see, is that we are very unlikely to make past the 90% success rate. thanks for listening.
  9. Let's try to keep the competition fierce, shall we? Don't let me win on my moms lagtop-laptop of -10% exp.
  10. Well that does help a ton in explaining why it's like that. Ill keep that in mind
  11. I'm not particularly interested in this because i don't see it as a reasonable request. it would be nice if it dropped sooner. but does it need to?
  12. Is there a way to lookup characters ? I'm interested to see the progress of players. Also I want to see the general lvls of the population. Like how many people are in the 90s.
  13. vashuyasha

    Lvl drop rate

    I know there is a exp penalty for being too far away in lvl from a mob. Bit I also remember there being a penalty for the drop rate of items, as well. Is that still true for this server? Because I'm feeling its effects ingame, and I would like to strategize my item farming accordingly. Thanks in advance!
  14. I think two points that were missed were that the site DB and ingame DB don't seem to be completely N*Sync, you sometimes have to verify ingame whether or not certain mobs actually spawn on the map it claims on the site. another point is that the minimap ingame shows warps (the red dots) to maps that no longer exist. it's not a huge deal, but can get messy when trying to explore ingame, not in DB.
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