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  1. Crafting a 7+ Weapon has a sucess chance of 5.60% so you need avg 20 weapons. So you need a 100 Mithril, 100 Blue Essence Flame and 40 Staffs. Also probaly like 100+ Oris BUT if you use enriched ori the sucess chance is 44.10% so you need aroudn 2-3 Weapons so 10-15 Mithril, 10-15 Essence, 4-6 Staffs, 20 enriched = 100 ori + 10 mil zeny. Farming 1 Mithril takes around 2-4 hours if you are lucky, 1 Essence probaly around 1-2h farming, The staves should be easily farmed with the essence. Farming 100 Ori probaly takes like 6-7h farming 10 mil Zeny is around 10-20 h. So Farming a +7 Staff is around 46-97 hours. :) Keep in mind thats just a rough estimate and it could take waaaaay longer.
  2. Blain

    Patch Notes 1.42

    We don't assume Gender here
  3. Blain

    Headgear Quest

    Well its not impossible there is ways to get that DB,OBB,OBV.
  4. Yes, when i translated it, i told hades that crit is on shoed and not racial res. My Guide is how it is on our Server.
  5. Or completly remove the bonus exp from share.
  6. Yes they added it when rebirth came
  7. It makes sense to change the Exp Table when we get Rebirth, but not now. One of the Main Goals of some players is ofc reaching 99, if they would reach it that fast they would lose motivation to play because there is not much to do. Ragnarok was always about the Journey. And you wanna be as Official as possible, so keep the Exp Table till we get rebirth like KRo did.
  8. Blain

    Coco Spawn

    There are Swift and Solid Coco spawn on gef_fild09, but should only spawn Solid or Swift coco.
  9. Blain

    Can't vend

    We gonna add it, it comes with the next patch.
  10. I got a Desert Leather Suit with 3 Option, bu the 3rd Option only has MaxHP +29 but the value should range from 150-300. Maybe when you at it check all the Options Values.
  11. Blain

    Ragna0 endgame?

    As far as i know we will have woe soon. No use to activeate on a 1 week old server. Then a lot of Ingame will be Farming the right gear with the right options. That's a huge time sink Also People arent even close to max lvl except 1, so thats not gonna take a lot of time to. Also your typical mvping, farming cards, zeny etc. or making new chars and build. I am sure there are still a lot of skills/builds that havent been made on RO0. You will be at least busy for 2-3 month with these if you play a lot
  12. Sadly the Merman spawn is too low. Also the map is too big and Knights dont use Trident anymore since they get crafted Lances.
  13. This Guide will only cover Armor and not Weapons, also only the most important Armors. You find where all the Option Gear drops on the Wiki. Since Monster Level doesn´t matter for Armor Options we gonna focus on the fastest and most profitable Maps. If you have Questions regarding Options on Equipment check out my other Guide or hope on my Stream! Bodyarmor Full Plate[1] The Rest of the Body Armor are pretty bad in comparions to Desert Gear which you find on moc_fild17. Garment Muffler[1] Manteau[1] Shoes Shoes[1] Boots[1] Crystal Pump
  14. Hey Guys, this is a Guide about the possible Number of Option on Equip and what you could get. If you have Question you can join my Stream or ask in Discord. Weapons Possible amount of Options Specific Normal Monster: 1 Option Champion Monster: 1-2 Options Normal MvPs: up to 3 Options Fever Monster: up to 3 Options Fever MvPs: up to 4 Options Crafted Weapons: up to 5 Options For a List of Monster which drops Equipment with Options visit the Wiki. For Champion Monster you wanna farm Monster Level 61+, because they give the highest Value Options. Option 1: Option 2: Normal MVP drops Option 1: Option 2: Option 3: Fever Monster and Fever MvPs Option 1: Option 2: Option 3: Option 4: Armor Armor with Options can only drop from Fever Monster, Champion Monster and MvPs. The Monster Level doesn´t matter. Possble amount Options: Champion Monster and Normal MvPs: 1-2 Options Fever Monster: up to 3 Options Fever MvPs : up to 4 Options Champion Monster and MvPs Option 1: Option 2: Fever Monster and Fever MvPs Option 1: Option 2: Option 3: Option 4:
  15. I dont know how that happened, but on moc_fild02 the spawnrate of Muka and Pecopeco got switched around. moc_fild02 should have 153 Pecopeco and 58 Muka but there are 58 Pecopeco and 153 Muka. also the same could have happened on moc_fild01, feels like there are way more pecopeco then muka, but thats kinda hard to prove.
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